It's Raining All Day - What Are Best "Rainy Day" Dramas


High End Crush


So is it RAINY OUTSIDE - Binge Mysterious Love! Get some chips and dip and chocolate and your going to love it! I can’t wait the last 4 episodes drop in a day!


Short Dramas for a Rainy Day! We have been getting TONS of rain lately - It poured last night and looks like it my pour again! :purple_heart:



Such perfect weather for an amazing movie. No idols or love story but a different kind of love story. SIMPLY AMAZING,


My Rainy Day Movie - so good - so good!!! Crying at the end.


You will cry buckets if you watch "You are so Precious to Me.’’ I heard ML was in several great dramas like with SJK from Vincenzo. In Mr. Sunshine with Lee Hyun Binand many more. He’s an attractive older actor but an Idol in my book. Anyone that can take a role and nail it, is my Idol.


Jin Goo - What a jawline? RIGHT! Very handsome!


He had a guest role in Mr. Sunshine but Descendant of the Sun is the one which shot him to fame… he’s the SML(not in a love triangle but SJK’s best buddy) in that one. Lots of people, me included, loved the second couple’s story progression.


I loved him in :heart_eyes:


Checking it out now. Thanks! i was watching [Police University] and I got so pissed off, i just stopped watching. These writers can really get on my nerves.


PS. Is really good one: on my second episode now!



Re-watching now an awesome drama. A cute guy included. Check it out!


Oh yes - he was the bad brother in My Love from the Stars! I recognize him! :wink:


Not him (ML) I’m talking about the young guy Kim Min Kyu from [So I married the Anti fan]


Oh yes - don’t get me started on talking about that CUTIE!


Do you know if he was in To the Beautiful YOU? He looks a lot like that guy but don’t find anything about him being in that drama with Minho and Sulli.

Answering my own question: HE was in [To The Beautiful You]


Seo Kang Joon had a small part in that.
There is a Yoo Min Kyu in it
Quite a few cuties in that one


what about the drama annoyed you?
(I want to know so I can pay attention to that while writing a review :sweat_smile:)



It will be too big of a spoiler, but all I can add here is that I hate tragic stuff in dramas when I see no need for that in there. It gets on my nerves. I’m going back to it but not for a while. I’m angry right now.

Another hint: The tragedy: Evil ppl. in K-drama’s get away with EVERYTHING, and live a full happy life; while the good ones get ^^^^^^ in more ways than one. I’m not in the mood to watch more of that cr*p.