It's Raining All Day - What Are Best "Rainy Day" Dramas


This Rental looks fun! I have only Rented Pipeline so far! It is sunny right now but we keep getting bands of the rain from the storm on the East Coast - I hope it’s over.


It’s a light, funny watch. Doesn’t take itself very seriously. Kim Young Kwang is a HILARIOUS Red Velvet fanboy :joy::joy:
I wouldn’t say it will make an impact on you or anything, but it’s a fun pass-time. There’s no real romance or skinship, if that’s what you’re looking for. They just work together, but they’ll definitely make you laugh.



Any NEW Rainy Day Dramas! I still love Splash Splash LOVE! :rainbow:


I need some Rainy Day Drama - It is cloudy and rainy today!



It is suppose to SNOW or SLEET or FREEZE RAIN tomorrow and SUNDAY

Let’s have some comforting DRAMA!

Re-watching with @my_happy_place
I love this drama so much and I know @vivi_1485 does also!!!


i do!! i rewatched it a few months ago but you’re making me want to watch it again! :sweat_smile::heart: