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BIO: IU is the stage name of Lee Ji Eun, a popular South Korean singer-songwriter and actress. Her stage name is derived from the combination of the words “I and You,” symbolizing her hope that people come together through music. IU debuted in 2008 with her single “Lost Child” and gained widespread popularity after her follow-up debut studio album “Growing Up.” After making her acting debut in 2011 in the television drama “Dream High,” she quickly graduated to leading roles with the 2013 dramas “You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin” and “Beautiful Man.”

FUN FACT: IU bought a car for her father using her first income.


another actor/actress I like, where is she what is she doing now, has she stopped acting?

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IU was in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo in 2016 which didn’t do well in Korea but did really well outside of Korea. 2017 is likely to see IU release new music in the second half of the year! :slight_smile:


I liked her in Scarlet Heart Ryeo, You’re the Best and Running Man with Ji Jin Hee and he was so excited to meet her he was giddy… Lol

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I hope she will soon back in this second work.

IU - 아이유

Her channel, at 7.92M fans
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