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hi, there my lovely jdorama fans , recently check thread on jap drama new then found they made jap drama top 10 hot list, so iwant share it with you , ready for best ever jdrama
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NO 10 IS Drama Title: Nobuta wo Produce
Ever wanted to be popular on High School? Then be inspired as Shuji (Kamenashi Kazuya) and Akira (Yamashita Tomohisa) struggle to make Kotani Nobuko (Maki Horikita) the most popular girl in the school!\

NO9 IS Drama Title: Gokusen
The Yankumi Fever still lives on!
With a three-season drama series, alongside with 2-hour specials in each finale of each season, and an unforgettable movie, you will never get enough of Nakama Yukie’s charm and fighting spirit just to protect her students!
I bet y’all watched Season 1! How about Season 2 and Season 3? Watched the movie? It’s not too late. Go watch it!

Drama Title: LIAR GAME

The classic mind boggling drama is a MUST this Summer!

Can you betray someone as cute as Kanzaki Nao? …
Nope, that’s not the point. How will Nao deal with a shady corporation that would go against her ideals to trust others? This large-scale franchise adapted from a manga is not just a simple mind suspense thriller drama, but it will awake your senses on how, when, and where trust must take place? Is it okay to trust anyone? Or will it take numerous betrayals in order to trust?
Starring Toda Erika and Matsuda Shota

The mini series that is worth watching for – Koizora.

I bet that all the viewers who watched this cried. ‏‎cry‎‏ رمز تعبيري
Well, it is very expected. Hiro is such a sweet man, and a good example to all guys out there.

Cry with all you can and be mesmerized with the power of love with watching ‘Sky of Love’!

Starring Seto Koji and Mizusawa Elena


The banker who swept all the TV Ratings on the year 2013 is no other than Hanzawa Naoki!
Banking? Business? Boring!
That is the first impression that you’ll have once you overview this series. But judging and hanging there till the end, you will know for sure that this is the drama worth watching before you die! Well, it’s unforgivable if you not get to watch it on your entire life. I mean, this is Hanzawa Naoki, the one who made history for garnering ratings up to 40% on its run!
Hardcore payback, revenge, in a 10-episode series! Add up Sakai Masato’s brilliant acting.

QUIZZES again!

‘The Quiz Show Season 2’ is another spectacle to the original Quiz Show series. With a new emcee and a new format in the program broadcast, isn’t it exciting! Well, at first, the debut of the program has its low ratings, being a normal boring Quiz Show. But what if mystery lurks again, as the questions on the quiz show tend to get more personal and more interesting, just like what happened on the past (set from The Quiz Show Season 1)?
Starring Sakurai Sho

Quiz shows are so exciting, isn’t it! But what if the quiz presented to you PRSONAL LIFE?! Only you, and no one knows the right answer!

‘The Quiz Show’ is a Japanese drama that will make you wonder, how such that kind of quiz show exist? Is it about the producer of the show? Or a dark past again lies on the host?

Starring Katagiri Jin and Totsugi Shigeyuki
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NO 3 IS Oh no! It’s the police! It’s the easygoing police!

Despite of her appearance, she is an elite police officer! But what if she was transferred to an investigation team? Oh no! This would be a nuisance.Takei Emi’s cuteness is very inevitable! And you can get to see her cute and funny side in this drama!
Takei Emi’s cuteness is very inevitable! And you can get to see her cute and funny side in this drama!


On social networking sites, esp. Twitter, June 19 was dubbed to be the Family Day in Japan. The reason? It’s because of the finale blast of Kazoku Game (Family Game) last June 19, 2013.

To have a tutor as weird as Yoshimoto Koya, then his eccentricity will lead your home to chaos! How will the student and son Shigeyuki will cope up with this? Is this still what you call ‘education’ or is it just the family isn’t worth to be kept on?

Open your eyes, and let the Family Game begin! >,<

Starring Sakurai Sho, Kamiki Ryunosuke


Bullying? Truancy? School Caste? And a 35 year old CLASSMATE! This is a school blast at its finest!

‘No Dropping Out: Back to School at 35’ is one of the best drama to watch this season. If you’re in for some heavy school reality drama, and not just a slice but a pocket load of life, then this is for you! Prepare those tissues as sometimes they tend to get useful, especially when Baba-chan reaches her limit. ‏‎cry‎‏ رمز تعبيري

Dark past lies within those problem students and Baba-chan, so watch it immediately!

Starring Yonekura Ryoko

*When searching Google, it is recommended to use the Japanese romaji title: ‘35-sai no Koukousei’