Jae Joong has been released from the military

Just read that Jae Joong was released from the military on December 30. I think his service time was shorter because he was in the military police or something like that. Kind of excited what he will be doing in the future. Missed his singing and hope to see him in a drama after he relaxes a little but knowing how the korean entertainment industry is I am sure he will start up right away.


Haha. Jaejoong didn’t a military service in police but the ‘normal’ one. South Korea military service is 1 year and 9 months. Because he go in army in march 2015, it seems shorter :wink:

If ever, I’m really to see him again T^T
He’ll have a concert tour and some activities in Japan after so I don’t know if he’ll be in a drama soon :s

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oops thought it was the military police because it was short. thanks

He already got back to work and plans some concerts very soon. sounds like he want to get concert tour set up

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Can’t tell you how delighted I was when I saw his first photo at home! But I’m wondering if he will be back in Twitter?

One thing I was moved about was, I was watching that video he took for… what was that, some kind if social communicating app, you know when he showed his dining table with his staff eating Renmyon with beef. He wad blubbering something like he always used to (how sweet💕), then my cat came up and looking at him, and listning to his voice. She was a kitten as he left for the military service, and in the months till that, I was playing his videos and songs all the time. She seemed to recogonize his voice, thinking “oh, you again!”.

The time up from March 2015 was a very hard time for me, deadly busy, so I feel the time passed by quite fast. I wonder how he was feeling those days…

I think Yuchun is doing police service( or some kind of office service) due to his asthma.
XIA has been working really hard, as he wanted fill in the places to his left and right by himself. Just as he was trying to keep JYJ active in our mind. He really did a lot. Now I’m afraid I will be missing him and, imaginating how lonely JJ must feel. Soon it will be his turn to miss his acompanies, it will be even more heartbreaking for me…