Jang bo ri is here!

Hi gays,
Have you seen Jang bo ri is here!
i didn’t hear about it at all until i became one of the Moderator
but it really awesome
there are a lot of hanboook all time long
i like the story
the stars and the way they speak
i was getting tooo bored with the Seoul Dialect

what do you think?
do you like it?
I’m soooooo excited for tomorrows episode

I’m addicted! Its my current favorite kdrama!


Love it. I can’t wait until next episode.

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it is my fav 2

it is one of the best i have ever seen

yes i too like this drama too but MJ gets away with to much stuff !! but the powers that be are about to hit her in the head!!! : )

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I did hear about it when I became one of the Moderator. I like it too :slight_smile:

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I began watching it when there were about 5 or 6 episodes posted…so it’s been a long journey.

Let me just say, I’ll be sooooooooooooo angry if Yoen Min Jung doesn’t get her due and/or if Lee Jae Hee stays with her, forgives her, tries to love her flaws away…blah, blah, blah! I want to see her suffer! (Mwahaha) Can I also say, I’ll take a large order of Lee Jae Hwa (Kim Ji Hoon) to go?

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i feel sorry for jee hee and love jea hwa. Bo ri acting was amazing i didn’t expect that and i hate min jung she is the worse … i hated what happened last ep … hope todays’ ep will be nice

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I soooooooo agree!! I want to slap that (&^&#@# Min Jung so hard and leave a big, red hand print on her smug face!

Two more episodes 52 now. Yea! Love this drama.

Why are episodes 49 and 50 not out yet?