Japanese Dramas


Will VIKI ever upload Japanese Dramas like Hana Yori Dango??


I wish they would too but I think they are slowly bringing them back they’ve got a couple so far and I’m anticipating the arrival of “Innocent Lilies”


I hope they’ll bring shows some subtitling groups have given up on, but which definitely have the potential to be dramathoned ^^


There are several Japanese Dramas on viki. The community needs Japanese to English subbers. If you want that or any other J-Drama available on viki, you can request the channel. If approved, you may put together a team and work on it.


Last time I requested a Jdrama channel (a few weeks ago) they told me that right now they will not approve any. They didn’t tell me why or when they will approve any though.

So tip for everyone: if you request a Jdrama don’t spent too much time on a summary. I did spend a while to write a good one and it was not approved. All the work for nothing :frowning:


Thank you :]


oh wow so sorry about that so basically you have to make a summary to get approved?? and may i ask what Jdrama you requested?


It’s handy when you submit more then just the title and such so that Viki can check if there is already a channel for that (maybe under an other name) but you don’t have to write a whole summary if you don’t want to. I was like let’s just add it otherwise I will add it later anyway.

I requested Tokyo Bandwagon.


You can find J-dramas on other sites so I never really found the need to look for them on Viki. x.x


I mean, you could say that about a lot of dramas. Most every drama (that I would watch), I can find on other sites.
But the appeal of having the show on Viki (at least, as far as I’m aware) is that you can translate into numerous languages on one platform.

I think it’d be great to add some more J-dramas though. I’ve seen a bunch that I’ve quite enjoyed… And well, obviously I don’t need subs for them anymore, but the more fans, the better?


The site that uploaded HYDs have been shut down for months… :’[
Viki and Crunchyroll are the sites that i trust and they don’t even have them on Crunchyroll.


Due a request from content owners, we can’t actually approve any Japanese fan channels. But we are looking to license more Japanese Dramas, so if you have requests, let us know. (I can’t promise that we’ll be able to license them, but I can promise to bring it to the attention of our business team.)


I love Hana Yori Dango! And it’s a request that our licensing team knows the community wants :slight_smile:


Nakuna, Hara-chan ^^


I’ve been on several sites over the years this is by and far the best one I have come across as far as quality and subbing so anything that is available make me a very happy woman. But yeah there is just something about J-Dramas I absolutely love they sometimes seems a little more over the top and silly well depending on what one it is!! :smiley: It would be great if more were made available but I think more volunteers would be needed otherwise the poor staff would get burnt out D:


Do you have any J-Drama recommendations? :smiley:


@Kyouria What kind of dramas do you like? Or are you open to everything?


Where to begin LOL!! Kk ones that I watched after falling in love with the manga and were a MUST see are: HYD, Hana Kimi, Nana (Movie) Lovely Complex (Movie) Paradise Kiss (Movie and FYI I LOVED how they ended this one), Zettai Kareshi, Ouran High School Host Club, Nobuta Wo Produce, Switch Girl, Otomen, xxxHOLiC and Gokusen,
Others I just LOVED though not necessarily what others may like because it’s older woman younger man themed were: Kimi wa Petto ( fan of Matsumoto Jun), Last Cinderella (Miura Haruma),and Anego (another Shinohara Ryoko she’s one of my fav actresses)
Hmmm Rich Man, Poor Woman (Oguri Shun like his dramas too) and I’m actually going to check out Ranma 1/2 I believe it’s a movie not sure though… ?.?

The Perverts Club

o_O kk Ranma 1/2 was a movie it was cute but well … LOL not going to make it into my MUST see anytime soon :stuck_out_tongue:


I would love to see on viki, more Jdramas, like
Yamato Nadeshiko Shinchi Henge (I’ll just say… Kamenashi Kasuya)
Zettai Kareshi (its so cute!!)
Hana Kimi (hilarious)
Nobute Wo Produce (again Kame Kun)
Nodame Cantabile (my favorite ever!!)
Hana Yori Dango ( the original BOF )
Kimi Wa Petto (very cool)
Rich Man, Poor Woman ( big fan of Oguri too here!)
and the movie Koizora, to beggin lol :slight_smile: