Japanese variety


So i am sooo grateful to finally see japanese dramas appearing more on viki finally. and getting new jseries like kdramas has been for years is also great to see. having said that i need to push a little more for ONE more thing. Will we ever start getting japanese variety shows? i asked once years ago about this and the only answer i got was “it is too hard to translate variety shows.” however that answer doesn’t make sense since they seem to have no problem translating korean variety shows every week…several at a time…for years. i am forced to watch clips of shows (not full episodes) on youtube of shows several years (even decades) old. i know i can hear people reading this and saying shut up and be greatful you are even getting japanese dramas (on a site owned by a japanese company) in the first place. but i really enjoy those quirky and weird japanese variety shows and would love to get my japanese variety fix like i do my korean variety fix.