Jasper Liu (劉以豪) - Official Thread

Welcome to Jasper Liu’s Viki Discussions thread! Chat about the lovable Taiwanese actor and star of “Love Myself or You” and “When I See You Again” here!

BIO: Jasper Liu is a popular Taiwanese actor and model who is known for his iconic head of curly “broccoli” hair. He also is sometimes referred to as the “Taiwanese Rain” because of his resemblance to the Korean singer-actor or the media-dubbed “Taiwan’s most adorable boyfriend.” Born on August 12, 1986, as Liu Yi Hao, Jasper Liu started his career as a model before crossing over into acting. He previously went by Max Liu, which is still used by his management agency, but he changed his first name to Jasper after he found out that the name Max is a common name for dogs. He also is known as Ryu in Japan. Although he branched out into acting with a small cameo role in the 2009 Taiwanese television series “Mo Nu 18 Hao,” it was his next small role in 2011’s idol drama “In Time With You” that launched his acting career. His minor character in that series sported a perm, and Jasper Liu decided to keep the curly hairstyle and it has become his signature look. He most recently starred in the 2014 drama “Love Myself or You.”

FUN FACT: Jasper is also the younger cousin of actor Angus Hsieh who is best known for The Outsiders drama series.