Jdrama Tatta Hitotsu No Koi Kamenashi Kazuya drama

I stumbled across this jdrama from 2006 staring Kamenashi Kazuya and Ayase Haruka. It is a lovely drama about a rich but very honest and sweet young woman who crosses paths with a young man who is struggling to stay afloat while taking care of his sick brother and checked out mom. The young lady and her friend have no pretenses and they soon form relationships with Kamenashi’s character as well as his two poor but hard working friends. I started to type more but then I realized it would be spoilers.


I liked this dram too, but what is the point of your post?

Just like it and wanted to share it with others. I accidently posted it under celebrity instead of drama and didn’t know how to change the category once I did it. I was pretty tired at the time. Actually I like all his dramas even the Manga ones from way back.

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