JDramas - Will They Really Get Subbed to Completion?

I was really excited to see there are so many Japanese dramas available now or coming soon. I’ve been following some series and added many to my queue. However, it seems like the Jdramas either don’t get subbed at all or stall out partway through. A Girls’ Breakfast has stalled out since before Christmas, I believe. Tokyo Tarareba Girls is up for several days now with no subs, and Your Home Is My Business has only partial subs for episodes 1 & 3.

I’m just wondering what the scoop is on the future outlook for subbing these three plus all the others listed as coming soon? Thank you.

This depends on the availability of subbers. It seems there are less Jap-En subbers than Ko-En. And they were probably busy during the holidays. You can’t really point a gun on their temple and oblige them to come and sub.
Wait a bit more, watch something else and come back in a week. If there is still no progress, you can ask the mod… not that it will help in any way, just to know what exactly the situation is and whether there is hope for the future.

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Viki has established a good base of Kor-Eng and Chin-Eng subbers, but having neglected to get any licenses for Japanese dramas FOR YEARS, most likely lost a majority of Jap-Eng subbers.

The best possible thing a viewer can do is support subbers with positive comments in the discussion threads of each shows.


if thats the case why have them at all? that even sounds bad when I put it that way, I do love the Jdramas

They will most likely get translated eventually.

It feels discouraging that when it comes to Jdramas, even when there are subs at the start, they lose interest and then we’re all stuck.

Lately, I’ve been seeing drag on current Kdramas–like The Best Chicken has been sitting partially subbed now since the day it aired, but to see nothing at all on Jdramas is worse in a way. I don’t understand why sometimes I see epi 1 and epi 3 getting subbed while epi 2 remains at zero.

Can at least some subbers get paid? Maybe pay someone when a drama stalls out?

Well, there ARE many people who know Japanese.

If there are two subbers in the team, one will take the odd, and the other one the even episodes and then switch in checking them.

I understand, it can be terribly frustrating. As I said, the best way to motivate the subbers is to write positive messages in the Discussion section, to talk about the show and say, for example, I wonder what’s coming next.


I didn’t know that’s how it’s done. That explains it. I thought it was so strange to skip epis but now I understand. Thanks for the clarification,

There is pretty much 1 single native subber subbing on all the Japanese shows right now. It is up to her to sub the ones she likes.

As for Your Home is My Business, there’ve been 3 subbers but not all are available now and at least 1 is not a native, so it’ll take some time sadly. This is also a busy time for everyone.

I knew things were bad, but I didn’t know things were that bad.


I really hate hearing this. Japanese is a beautiful language that I’ve always wanted to learn, and I may be throwing my studies at that one next. I’d really like to help out anywhere I can when it comes to this kind of thing. Maybe they’re just not really active, or something, which is understandable, but if there really is a shortage on finishing them, then hopefully there will be more J-Drama subbers in the near future. If that’s the case then the least we can do right now is support the few that do try to work on it.

you want to have other translations?