Ji Chang Wook (지창욱) - Official Thread

Welcome to Ji Chang Wook’s Viki Discussions thread! Chat about anything and everything related to this popular South Korean actor and star of “Healer” here!

BIO: Ji Chang Wook is a popular South Korean actor and singer. Born on July 5, 1987, he began his career in musical theater and made his onscreen acting debut in the 2006 film “Days…” He has since starred in many popular films and dramas, including “Smile Again” (2010), “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” (2011), “Empress Ki” (2013) and “Healer” (2014). Ji Chang Wook also has appeared in many music videos of popular artists and contributed tracks to the soundtracks of many of his dramas.

FUN FACT: He can knit and cross-stitch. He learned both crafts for his role in “My Two Perfect Sons,” although he admits that he’s not very good.


What an absolutely amazing talent! He is a wonderful actor! I watched Healer and he just owned that character from beginning to end. “Healer” is one of my favorite kdrama characters now. It has made me Ji Chang Wook fan too. I haven’t seen his musical theatre stuff but I look forward to that too. Talented and gorgeous! He is can be very nuanced in his acting too. :smile: Will be looking at his back filmography I know he did Empress KI with one of my all time favorite actresses, Ha Ji Won so I am looking forward to that.

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Amazing is the word.

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Because of this actor, I made my way to writing stories, before watching his dramas, I spent 9 years of my life jobless, every door was closed in front of my face until the day I watched Bae Dong Soo, I realised that there is much I can do t change my life and I started writing and punching the keyboard keys until I managed to find an outlet from my hell to find my heaven, thanks Ji Chang Wook. :sunny:



I’ve seen everything he has done and loved him as an actor. Then…I saw Healer and was totally mesmerized!


I loved him in Healer and now in Suspicious Partner with Nam Ji Hyun… They have great chemistry and are adorable together on and off camera


I started watching Ji Chang Wook’s dramas the past several months and even bought his latest movie. He does excellent work. His acting skills are top notch and the emotion to conveys in his dramas/film far exceeds most shows/movies I have seen up to now. He seems to be very athletic and his martial arts ability shows in his work. Hope to see him come back from the military soon to work on more shows.

This is my list of favorite Ji Chang Wook dramas:

  1. Healer - Don’t let this show fool you. It’s fantastic. Mystery, intrigue, action, romance…everything.
  2. K2 - I’m still watching this and I love it. There’s action, and I haven’t seen the romance parts yet but it’s awesome.
  3. Suspicious Partner - Unlikely pair team up and even fall in love

I have started watching Healer AGAIN!! what is wrong with me?? 10 times now, I just am not able to get enough of that drama! I have watched K1 and suspicious partner but this one wow!

and btw, does he do his own stunts or is there a stuntman> I know he does the martial arts and all, but was just curious of this one thing, oh and that warrior one, he was awesome in that one too.
as for knitting & cross stitch, what a way to relax, with his busy schedule!!

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Only ever watched him in K2 and became a fan after that! Such a hardworking actor, especially since he chose to do his own stunts. And did you see how many fighting scenes he had to do??? A hundred thousand thumbs up to Ji Chang Wook as an actor.


I’ve read that Ji Chang-wook does his own stunts. It’s one thing if a scene with stunts can be shot in one take, but I can’t even imagine having to shoot multiple takes. He also said he welcomed his newest project “Suspicious Partner” which didn’t required demanding stunts.

“Healer” was one of my favorites too, but I’ve only watched once. One my my favorites was “Smile, Dong-hae” (2010), which has a whopping 159 episodes, and I’ve actually watched that twice! It’s here on Viki too:

I’ve managed to watch all his dramas with the exception of two or three. I only watch on sites with licensed content and I’ve never been able to find "“My Too Perfect Sons”. And I have “Warrior Baek Dong-soo” on my list to watch. I haven’t seen any of his movies but the newest “Fabricated City” sounds interesting.

Hope he’s doing well in the military.


Ji Chang-wook was charming in “Healer”. And being cast opposite Park Min-young was, in my opinion, an excellent casting choice. I also found it interesting that he was reunited with the actress who portrayed his mother in “Smile Dong-hae”, Do Ji-wan who portrayed Park Min-young’s mother in “Healer”.

Hope he’s doing well with his military duty. And, it’s time for just because . . .

I did watch suspicious partner, that was so good. warrior was awesome, was thinking of watching it again, and as for SMILE Don hae, I have seen it, think its time to watch it again, when I first watched it, well I guess I got bored and stopped, so this is another I need to watch again.

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Suspicious Partner was good. He never disappoints because I think he brings alot to his characters. Many of them have layers that you can peel back. I have mixed feelings about The K2 but he was good in it.

OMG :laughing: I’m so glad I found this thread! I have like the biggest crush on him!

This is from Suspicious Partner.







I have an Asian Blog where I post plenty of stuff about him. lol