Joseon Exorcist Officially Cancelled And Removed


You’re right. I can attest to that. Imperfect as it may be, the U.S. was created as a free country. That was the whole reason American colonies fought for their independence. But then you have a country like Korea, which is no different than mine actually. When you’ve been ruled by one king or another for thousands of years, Democracy, Capitalism… they don’t mean much. Sure, it’s a good way to profit if you know what you’re doing, but most people in such places ultimately act no different from a hive. What others are doing, they want to do it as well. And for their hard work, they expect the state to offer them compensation and protection. The free-for-all market has bewildered many because we don’t understand how it operates, not really. Working and thinking collectively, as you’ve mentioned, is the only way we know how to be productive.


@adrianmorales, it saddens me to think that after 100 comments on just this thread alone, this is how you view Korea and Koreans in general.


Let’s just go by the guidelines - don’t go down the rabbit hole for politics, religion, …


I saw both episodes and was quickly of the opinion that the plot should not have been tied to real characters. Or has anyone been bothered by series “Scholar who walks the night” to the same extent? I don’t think so, so - why?

On the other hand, we have all seen scenes from script reading, and the script must be submitted and accepted beforehand. I am therefore very surprised that no one noticed the problem in time. Did they even have to let it get that far? Questions after questions.


Why are most of you comparing Korea to America? Did your people ever collectively fight for freedom from a dominating empire?
Your examples of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington don’t hold good because everything and everyone is American. It’s just a matter within America.
This is China and Korea, two separate countries with separate cultures but since one was ruled by the other, there is an overlap.


Cough, maybe you forgot the American Revolution and that the British Empire was the dominating empire? (no offends though :kissing_heart:) So yes, the Americans fought for freedom as well.


I’m sorry, I meant it in the context of cultural differences :sweat_smile:


Just the first 2 maximum 4 episodes. Of course, the first 2 were the problematic ones that sparked the controversy. The props and costumes couldn’t be guessed, of course, but the portrayal of the king was there. Maybe it didn’t look that bad on paper? Who knows. Whatever it may be, that’s the reason the main actor wrote such a head-banging apology letter.
I was really sorry for him. He finally got a break with Tales of Nokdu, he was stellar there, and now his second chance at being a first lead and … bam!


Don’t be sad. You got it all wrong. You see, South Korea and my own country are very similar. As such, I’m pretty familiar with how things have evolved as a Democracy after thousands of years of being a monarchy and suffering under foreign occupation. The same happened where I live. And my countrymen and the Korean people have a lot in common, both good and bad. I criticise them as much as I show my love and support. Just read some of my other posts. I adore Kpop artists, for instance, but the agencies that manage them… Burn them! :sweat_smile: Again, it wouldn’t be fair to say that everything is rosy. Appreciate the good, punish the bad.


Thank you for your reply. I absolutely agree that we should “appreciate the good, punish the bad”.

I know that I made numerous posts on this thread explaining the Koreans’ point of view. It was not because I necessarily agree or disagree with what is going on with JE but because I felt that I was the only one on the thread who at least can identify with the mindset of Koreans. I hope I was able to provide some insight.

This will be my last post on this matter. This controversy is a lot more complicated than I care to explain.
As with all controversies in K-dramaland, large or small, this will soon be forgotten by K-drama fans. However, for Koreans, who live with daily reminder that they are still at war, and painfully aware that there is still an ongoing feud with Japan over Dokdo, and China’s claim over certain land and Korean culture (the Northeast Project, kimchi, hanbok, etc.), this was another reminder that they need to be ever so vigilant about protecting what they hold dear.

I apologize if I violated Viki’s guidelines in any way.



I’m hoping in my ignorance of the conflict going on between Korea and China, that I have not offended you in any way.


No, I never felt personally attacked by anyone on this thread. You are sweet to worry about me though. Thank you.


I always worry about the actors when these things happen. I am watching “Tale of Nokdu” I really like Jang Dong Yoon. Looks like he might have another drama already in the works.

I did read that the actors may only get paid for 2 episodes of the 14 that they did for Joseon Exorcist. That is sad to not be able to recuperate expenses on the show itself and for the hard work they do.

I wish them all luck in finding new projects.


This news was from before the “Joseon Exorcist” thing. I hope this “Oasis” project hasn’t been affected and that he’s able to recover smoothly. He is a very good actor!


Well, as a European I usually don’t understand the mindset of “American freedom” either, like e.g. in regard of weapons or the way communism is defined. But well, that’s not the point. What I learned from JE is the power of social media. It’s actually quite scary and I started to wonder if it’s the same everywhere or if it’s rather different in East Asia at least.

I can imagine it must’ve been hard for Korea as a country to have been “used” by everyone for quite a long time. Whether it’s the Japanese, US Americans or the Chinese - and the everlasting issue with the North. Still it seems to be ridiculous and scary. I mean, I’m aware that the Japanese have similar discussions with the Chinese about the origin of sushi currently and that there’re lots of conflicts based on what happened in the war and around that period of time. Lots of countries never really seemed to have bothered with facing their faults and mistakes it seems. That might be the origin of seemingly ridiculous outcomes such as this one. If we talk about a loss of culture I somehow have to think about the populists in our country worrying about Islam - it might be different, but maybe it’s not that different actually. But obviously people have to learn to stand up for their beliefs and values without discrimination. Still I can understand that China poses a threat in general.

Korean film already improved and managed to overcome issues to some extent such as gender inequality. Not totally, but slightly. They have dramas about corruption, BL etc while China shows a drama world where politics only may show up in historical dramas. It’s a rather slow process and nobody knows how it’ll develop in the future and whether - from a European point of view - things will “improve” according to our mindset. It’s a rather interesting question though.


I don’t think so. The disgusting so-called “cancel culture” originated in the West, on Twitter, after all. The Internet is full of these hateful individuals who have perverted the very notion of justice in order to hurt others.