Joy of Life 2 translations, AI doesn't work

I started to watch Joy of Life 2 on ■■■■ since they had four episodes to start with, while Viki had two episodes which I would have to wait for. ■■■■ then had two more added the next day. HOWEVER, ■■■■ used AI to translate.

The AI translate has problems in that it gets the gender wrong. Other translations seemed to be to be sensible in themselves, but all the sentences added together by the diffent characters didn’t for me, add up to a comprehensible conversation. The AI might produce a sentence, but I can’t really make sense of the conversation. After seven episodes, I am going to start over and watch it on Viki.


Good for you! Ai is a work in progress, it’s not reliable.

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That’s why it’s so nice that Viki exists with all the volunteers. Especially in this diversity…
It’s just a shame that Viki herself doesn’t notice the kind and dedication of so many people and doesn’t appreciate it, as Viki should. Unfortunately, there are already a lot of people here who use machines…
Anyway, I suggest “patience”… so that you will be rewarded :heart: