Jun Ji Hyun Self Camera (1999) [with English Sub]

Hello, I’m just sharing my work- “Jun Ji Hyun Self Camera (1999)” with English Sub - a program broadcast on MBC. As a novice learner, it literally took some days for me to translate it. And I had to take help from Korean transcript (that I got from a Korean guy on some forum by giving him 3000 points, it was kinda incomplete and erroneous though, but a real savage for me!) :slight_smile:

However, after translating by parts, I shared it on some facebook page and after completing the full translation, I shared it on youtube. But just after some hours, despite giving credit and disclaimer, this non-commercial video was taken down and my youtube account received a copyright strike. Being on loser side, I’ve written a mail to MBC to retract the claim but I know, most probably it won’t work and I don’t wanna lose my youtube channel forever. Whatever, I’m sharing the work here- may be some people are lovers of sassiness like me and wondering for a long time to find English translation for this video clip- so here it is,enjoy :slight_smile:

Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 (Final)