Just needed to Vent out how mad I am

I hope I am in the right place I just finish a drama with my favorite actor Jang Hyuk.
I am sure most people have already seen this Drama " Shine Or Be Mad."
I have just finish the last episode and I am so mad that the writers left the viewers with a sense of lost,
with no real reasoning, as to why it ended the way it did.

It seem that the writers needed caffeine coffee to wake up and remind themselves of the episodes storylines, but no they was sleep or blind. Two people that could not live without each other that went through all the hurt and pain and near death experiences for the ending to be a confusing and a big let down. Like WHAT !

I love Jang Hyuk he a great actors but so far most of the korean drama that I have follow with him in it have had a very confusing ending that leave you angry, and upset ( well for me it does ) First it was “A Tree With deep Roots” even " Money Flower ending leave you asking a question ??? And now “Shine Or Be Mad” it’s ending made no sense. I so mad I needed to VENT sorry everyone. I mean if you follow all 24 episodes closely the ending made no sense at all NONE.


I think you need to watch Thank You. No ambivalent ending whatsoever. Fated to Love You you probably already saw.


Yes, The Drama “Thank You” is on my list I am on a roll to look at all Drama or Movies with Jang Hyuk.
Next in line is "Slaves Hunters I love the korean Dramas but sometime they rush the ending or no good ending at all.
OMG and Chinese drama always have like 50 or more episodes and sometime the ending is way off.
But I still love all Asian dramas no matter what the ending turn out to be,I think all women tend to want a fairy tale ending.
I get so emotionally caught in the drama that I sometime forget it’s a drama. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed Shine or Go Crazy. Sometimes you don’t get a happily ever after.

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Can you explain what you think happen in the ending of Shine Or Go Crazy? Because who was the three children by running around, was it by that mean princess that became a queen. And one second they show (Jang Hyuk ) older with a beard,. then the next second he was young again and once again meeting his true love. I think it seem they both later died and them fate brought them back together in the After Life. Plus it did not make sense that she always wanted to be around the prince her love was strong for him and he for her. But she went to china away from him. Gee .

I haven’t watched it in a long time so I had to go back and watch a few minutes of the ending.

They have always had similar but different goals. He dreamed of helping the country and its people through the ‘government’ (monarchy) and she dreamed of helping people and leading the workers of her trading company. These are big goals and dreams they’re both very serious about.

She never wanted a life in the palace at any point. He was reluctant to be ruler for a long time but you could slowly see it take over his character. He wanted to lead by the end of the show.

I’m sure she always knew in the back of her mind but it became obvious in the last episode: they have different paths. He can’t run away and be with her. She can’t live a life in the palace (she’s not even his wife in the eyes of the country - his half-sister is his “official” wife). Most if not all of her happy moments with him are when they’re alone or at her trading company and not at his home or at the palace. She wanted someone by her side, not to be at his side.

Sometimes dreams, goals, responsibilities and ambitions outweigh the desire to live with your love.

They promised to meet again. You get a scene showing he never forgets about her (with his longer beard to make him look older). And then you get that scene at the very end where they meet again.

I took it as she had died (she had lots of health problems and I doubt that bath in the ice-lake fixed everything) and was waiting for him. And he shows up.

They couldn’t have a happily ever after in their lives but in their next life or afterlife they do.


Wow! Thank you so much you really explain the drama so well. As I was reading what you said and your point of views on the drama everything became crystal clear. I will go back and watch certain episodes over again. After that I will be moving on to watching "Slaves Hunters I am on a Jang Hyuk roll right now. Thanks you for your reply. :smile:

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Chuno - aka The Slave Hunters - is better by far. Sorry - that’s the one to watch. Also look for the excellent performance by the General in this show. There are a number of the best character actors in historical dramas in this one.

Shine or Go Crazy…yeah, it ends with them meeting in the afterlife. Both the girl - and his brother, the pretty one - go their own ways…and live. :slight_smile:

Anyway…the REAL ruler…behind your 4th Prince…was…not…benevolent. I always read up on the real history, not just enjoy the “faction” presented.

Worst disappointment in a Jang Hyuk drama IMHO. the Merchant. it’s terrible. :(((

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut


Thank you, yes I will be checking out Chuno / The Slave Hunters yes it’s a good idea to read the real history. Even if you did not like “The Merchant” I will still check it out, since I am on a roll with his dramas, Jang Hyuk he is one of my most favorite actor no one can use their eyes like he do. :wink:

Totally agree with Merchant! Loved him in Beautiful Mind, though ^^

Best eye work IMHO is on a drama we do not have here of someone with great eyes… - I cannot remember the actor’s name, but the drama is "Su Baek Hyang, the King’s Daughter, the character is “Kuchon the Silent”. Deaf and dumb character, it’s what he has to express himself. And a 50,000 watt smile. Masterful performance, sigh.

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Thanks for the tip yes it is not here nor on Drama Fever, now days you have to have more then one place to watch drama. Sometime if one place don’t have it another place will. Tell me where did you see the drama "The king Daughter."Where did you find the drama?

Ah, then Queen For Seven Days totally copied this ending! Although the story before was very different, still they were two people who chose to love each other from afar, and reunited at the moment of death.

I sent you a message with the info, it iS around licensed. (not here though)

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