Just two Korean (한글) dialogues? (Solved)

There’s just two dialogues- I can’t get in this funny NG video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiCxRqlSaVY
At 1:14 , what did the actress say before director said, 컷 오케이 ?

At 2:14, what did a staff/crew said after the actress said 아 힘들어요 and ( I mean, before the director said 좋겠어) ?
Thanks in advance, 잘 부탁드립니다 :slight_smile:

@1:14 - 컷 안하세요? Aren’t you going to say, “Cut?”
@2:14 - 아, 브라보 Ah, bravo.

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Thanks a lot @ajumma2 , 진심으로 감사드립니다 :grinning:
Just to clear my confusion, @2:14 - I listened again and again,but the staff/crew (whose voice can be heard only, no appearance) seemed like uttering 3-4 more words, like- 이 (감독님)때문에…( and then he may add 아 브라보) whatever, sorry for bothering :slight_smile:

After someone says, “Ah, bravo,” another person says, “아 이감독때매 NG 날뻔 했어.” (We almost got an NG because of Producer Lee.)

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@ajumma2 you really have sharp ears :grinning: Thanks a lot once again :blush:

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The last one- at 0:51 ,it’s 그러진 않는다는 거죠… ?

뭐 그러지는 않다는거죠, 선생님.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Sorry for bothering once again-
그녀들은 치열하게 가장 나다운 모습을 고민하고 가꾸어나갑니다 does it mean - they (those women) fiercely get worried about their image just like me and adorn themselves? or, they get worried, try their best to be like me and so…) Or, Those women fiercely get worried about their own image and…

It’s a bit hard to translate it literally since we don’t use these kind of expression in English.

It literally says, “They (the women) fiercely consider the images that look like themselves the most and adorn themselves.”

I’d say, “These women work extremely hard on finding the look that truly represent who they really are and adorn themselves accordingly.”


Ikr it’s hard to translate this sentence- requires a lot of brainstorming, but now it makes sense- so 가장 나다운 모습 means the image/look that (mostly) represents your true self :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot once again, it was for fan subbing a short clip (no one really care of it except a few crazy fans :stuck_out_tongue: ) so all I can do is to give @ajumma2 proper credit, thanks a lot to Korean genius :smile:


Sorry for asking again, Just 20 seconds only, -from 2:50- 민준이… to 3:08- 가는 길으로…
and the final dialogue at 05:46 - after someone said, 아까 끊어지고… :slight_smile:
https://youtu.be/ImFiC6Hdv_s?t=170 many many thanks in advance

민준이 돌아서 (Minjun will turn around–)
아, 그래서… 요… 멈췄을때 (Oh, so… When I stop here…)
근데 그런생각까진 안할것 같아요, 솔직히 (But I honestly don’t think he will think that far ahead)
그런가? (Yeah?)
응, 그냥- (Right, just–)
여기를 한번 속이고 (??) 싶어가지고, 그니까 그거까지는 어려- (I want to deceive (??) here. So it may be difficult–)
내가 너 가는거를 좀더 시간을 줄께. (I will give you some time was you walk over there)

At 3:01, even though it sounds like he is saying, he wanted to deceive (속이고 싶어가지고), that doesn’t make sense to me. So I’m guessing maybe he wanted to say, he wanted to stop (서고 싶어가지고) there, instead of deceive there.

I can’t really hear the last dialogue after 5:46.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: I’ll check it again, but I think it makes sense now :slight_smile: I heard most of these dialogues (almost) in this way too, but was so confused as my vocabulary is limited.

And for the confusing part- 속이고 or 서고 - I also heard something like 속이고… and was thinking that- may be his character wanted to deceive her character for a moment (as if he’s gonna help her)…but yeah, it may make more sense, if 서고 is used, then he, as his character wanted to stop there :slight_smile:
And that’s okay- last dialogue (as I heard- 따…따다리!) doesn’t make any sense , it can be skipped -so thanks a lot @ajumma2 for spending your valuable time for fan service :smile:

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That whole part about 속이고 vs. 서고 is my guess. I still hear 속이고 (deceive). So maybe you can just keep that.

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Okay, thanks :smile:

Tried to write Korean transcript of this video, there’re just a few missing parts ( and mistakes- starts from 4:44 min) 잘 부탁드립니다

At 4:44
시즌 1 부터 좋은 선행 이야기 들면서 배 괸장히 따듯한 ( ??) 보낼 수 있었는데요?
And then the presenter said some good shits…

presenter: 예, 이 따듯한 세상 켐페인은 패딩 받는 미담의 주인공분만 아니라 (???)
공감하고… 켐페인입니다.
더 많은 분들이 따듯한 세상 만들게 성찰해야드리는데요
요번에 한 말씀 부탁드립니다

전지현 : 네, 어…작은 선행이 또 다른 선행을 불러일으켜서 따듯한 세상을 만드는 것 처럼 어 저희도, 어 저도 작지만 일상생활에서 할 수 있는 것을 실천해야 된다고 생각해요.
(got it right from an article!)

  • 네, 올해 미담의 주인공분들에게 들어봤는데요. 전지현씨 생각한 따듯한 세상… (어떤 세상일까요)?

  • 어, 작은 배려와 선행에서도 감사할 줄 아는 마음을 갖은 게 따뜻한 세상을 만드는 게 아닌가라는 생각이 들면서 , 저도 일상생활에서 작지만
    실천할 수 있는 선행을 해야 된다고 생각해요. (got it right cause it was texted in a video)

  • 예 말씀이다…작은 배려와… 대단히 고맙습니다! 오늘 전지현씨가 이만 보내드리고 가보겠습니다.

EDIT: At around (4:04), after she says, 예, 잘 지내고 있습니다…presenter : (??) 그동안 어떻게 지냈는지 쌀짝 알려주세요.