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I’m completing a year as a Viki contributor, and while I’m grateful to be able to participate in this community, some things make me sad. When I took part in the interview in which the Viki staff wanted to know what could be improved? I replied that the way projects were distributed to channel managers was unfair. I know that everyone has the right to participate in this organization, but when you receive 15 rejections in less than 10 days, it’s really frustrating, especially when you realize that it’s practically the same people who are chosen. And what’s worse, some people don’t do their jobs very well. I don’t want to get into any trouble with anyone, let alone be the target of gossip, but just as everyone has the right to put forward their point of view, I thought I’d put mine forward too. In addition, the Portuguese-speaking community is already facing so many difficulties in participating in Viki because of the projects that come with subtitles, because all they need is a moderator and an editor. Some people, who know that the subtitles aren’t that good, organize editing teams to give them the opportunity to participate in these projects. I’m asking the Viki staff to please take a closer look and be fair to the people who like it and do their best in a volunteer job.
Kate Abreu


@vikicommunity My question is what are the criteria for choosing a channel manager?
Especially in Korean dramas, it’s always the same people.


Hello dear, they are not always the same, Korean dramas are much shorter than Chinese dramas, especially historical dramas, maybe that’s why it seems to you that some managers are chosen more often than others. :wink:


No, she is right and it goes for all dramas. The fact that C-dramas are long doesn’t stop Viki from handing several in a row to the same people. In fact, there is a handful of people who are never not CM. They always get new shows before their old ones are done or at the latest as soon as their old ones are done. And it all goes at the cost of other people, who, in spite of all their skills and experience, never get a chance anymore.


Yeah! No like, is almost the same team of always. At least in my native language (portuguese), most of the old c-dramas have a few questionable subs sometimes. The k-dramas usually have good subs, but the c-dramas and j-dramas… :skull_and_crossbones:


I agree with you and by posting this, I want Viki staff to be able to look at it more carefully, because it generates a lot of frustration and indignation from people who want to participate equally. I believe that everyone has the right to be a channel manager, moderator, translator, segmenter, editor. I know that, for example, to be a segmenter you have to go through the academy, okay, I just wish Viki staff would clarify the criteria for being a channel manager. Moderation is another topic that needs attention, but at least it’s organized by slot, although lately this is being manipulated with projects that already come with subtitles. I don’t think that just because it’s all voluntary that it has to be done anyway. And as far as I’m concerned, I take everything seriously and I’d like to be treated the same way.