K-actors and actresses that need more recognition or are underrated

so what are some actors and actresses that you think need more recognition?

i think of these:

kim so eun: loved her not only in boys over flowers but also in “the man who cant get married”

the man who cant get married

one actor who is underrated (well, at least to me) is yoo seung ho

well, thats just some of mine, who is yours? x)

I agree about Yoo Seung ho .

My feels :

I also think Yoon Shi-yoon should have more recognition .

Anyways …

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HAHAH xD yes! LOL those gifs i love him im glad you do too xD and yoon shi yoon ahhh he is one cutey that must have another drama in lead.

what about this guy?

Kim si hoo (from love rain):

(lol he looks pissed there)
and this guy! : young kwang

Ah he’s cute but i don’t love him hahahah I respect but is missing something

I just remember one that i always tought with a lot of respect

Choi Jung Woo

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Kim Bum

Kim Hyun Joong


Kim Joon


Song Joong Ki

Nd Even Thou He a Newbie… Mason Moon … Age ( 7 )…

^^^ Thats a Baby Photo Of Him … But He is 7 Now

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