[K- DRAMA] Anyone watching Lookout? ***Spoilers ahead***

The bad guys are so much more interesting than the good guys in this drama.

Prosecutor and his son are the highlights in each episode.

The Leader is a psycho and the rest of the team are flailing around.

Only good “guy” with a brain is Detective Lee and she’s not with the leads.

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***spoiler***I was confused since they talked about the hackers past and the boss and his step-brother past in the same episode so I thought the bosses mom was murdered but it was his step-brothers mom since they changed identities and the report the read was actually under the step-brothers name (priest)

I’m considering dropping this.

The two sidekicks are borderline idiots (and uninteresting) and the plot goes in circles. Convenient plot devices all around.

The only good thing is Evil Senior and Evil Junior, but not enough to keep me interested.

spoiler I wish the good prosecutor would not have told the bad prosecutor his plan so early and that way he would not have destroyed as much evidence before the court hearing or threatened more people… Loved the latest episode with the surprises at the end though… They finally got smart and used their hacking skills again

I stopped watching, but I hope it ends on a high note. Maybe if they had gone for fewer episodes it wouldn’t have had so many problems with the plot. I call this a wasted opportunity to make a great drama.

It didn’t bring closure for some of the characters so I am not sure if that means they wanted an open ending or wanted a 2nd season…the actress that plays Soo Ji is pregnant so I am guessing there won’t be a sequel…
spoilerplus some people died***

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I read a recap of the finale. They didn’t seem to do a good job, tbh…