[K- DRAMA] Anyone watching Lookout? ***Spoilers ahead***

I just started watching this and it is SO GOOD. Too bad Viki didn’t get the license.

Please, please, please Drama Gods, don’t give me a badass female lead just to ruin her later.

Why do I suspect the prosecutor who wants her tried to get the kid out of the way?

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It’s really good and btw I’m soo happy that i clicked on it ( it could be because of the poster…that looks pretty awsome)
Let us hope that the Kdrama Gods will hear your request. AND OMG… i’d love to see that boy dead SPOILER AHEAD who killed her daughter.

I’m only in episode 3, so I don’t know if it’s actually proven that the boy did it.

But the Prosecutor who likes her seems shady to me.

Ep 3?! Luckyly I didn’t spoiler too much:joy:…I’m at the latest episode so i am patiently waiting for Monday and tuesday.

I just started today, but since I stated on the title that this thread can contain spoilers, it’s not your fault I’m not up to date. So don’t worry. :slight_smile:

Which prosecutor since there are 2 that like her? … One with glasses and the other one who is helping the lead prosecutor so he can get evidence on him… Both guys are working to take down the head prosecutor and other criminals

e veramente bello questro drama lookout e spero che il ragaz…finisca nella merda. x quello che ha fatto,mi spiace che viki non ha ottenuto la licenza.

The one who likes her, meaning the guy she already knows.

yes this one is quite good so far, so we have three guys, the two prosecutors and the priest. me thinks there’s something fishy in well wherever that saying goes. the prosecutor, (noi glasses) he is hiding something, the other one too quiet yeah both going to take the head prosecutor down. what about the other guy prosecutor that just lost his job. so which one is the "boss: aw don’t tell me, person you least suspect, my choice is the one without glasses…, but then… hehehe love it!! oh! not to forget the detective ,yes, lady one. this is going to be so fun!! bty the guy you think may be bad? that may be an act of sorts, did I do a spoiler? hope not! and I do agree with you about the female, I want a good one on the scene!
cant wait for the next episodes oh and yeah love my former ghost, so glad she is still acting, wouldn’t it be interesting that all these stories were connected somehow?
just hate for this to end! I got a couple more episodes,
I really am loving this show!

I love hKim Young-Kwang’s acting in this. I had only seen him in Pinocchio and he was mostly wooden and model-like. But here he shows some serious acting chops.

EDIT: I see the title elsewhere as “The Guardian”. I know it as “Lookout”. Can a native help?

He was also great in Gogh’s Starry Night and Sweet Stranger and Me as the male lead

I’m loving this, Soo Ji is my favorite antihero for 2017!!!

I am so loving this show ! :heart_eyes:
I like the fact that they didn’t drag the discovery of who is the leader, well for us since Soo Ji & the others still don’t know. Now, it’s really all about how they will make fall the chief prosecutor & what is wrong with his crazy son ! :smiling_imp:
I also think Prosecutor Kim, the one who likes Soo Ji, is fishy. I don’t know but there’s something about him I’m not feeling.

Prosecutor Kim seems fishy from the start, I agree. I think he’s sinister deep down.

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Is it just me or is the hacker plots the weakest ones? Technology stuff is almost always victim of bad writing, but compared to the rest of this drama specifically, the hacking thing is almost annoying. I don’t think it’s the actor’s fault, it seems to be mostly the writing.

Welp, the church getaway was a bit stupid, but we’re still going strong.

Prosecutor Kim would be a better person and a better prosecutor if his only purpose wasn’t to uh… date Soo Ji.

I just watched the confession scene. The parallel editing… It was hard to watch. Such complicated characters (in a god way).

spoiler*The 3 accomplices trying to trap the boss at the church was dumb… You think they would have figured out that he was trying to get justice for them and himself by getting close to the chief prosecutor to finally put him in jail… The cop acts like she is the only one who suffered by the criminal being freed when his dad was tortured, imprisoned and has PTSD and his mom was killed… The other prosecutor was dumb to give the woman the video of the cop being saved since now the bad guy knows who is after him and can stop them… The only smart ones are the boss and his brother the priest since the others keep getting tracked by the cops and bad guys thugs

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The Bad Guy is really smart.

The cop lost her daughter (it’s different to lose a child and at such a young age), but mainly she feels guilty because she thinks she wasn’t a good mother, she wasn’t there for her daughter, and she is angry at everyone, mostly herself. But she is kinda right, because

spoiler the prosecutor let the boy continue uninterrupted, although he basically knew he had those tendencies, so that his plan to trap the Bad Guy would go on.

The leader’s mom wasn’t killed, the priest’s mom was killed by the leader’s dad and the two brothers switched identities.

For some reason, I don’t like the prosecutor who gave the video. From episode 1, something’s wrong with him.

Same here ! He’s trying too hard to get a girl who never saw him as a potential boyfriend or even a man ! To her he was just a friend and he couldn’t have been more.
And look at him now ? Just to be her supposed savior, he’s not trying to know what’s really going and acts recklessly ! :unamused:

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