[K-DRAMA] Anyone Watching "Ruler: Master of the Mask" (Warning: Possible Spoilers)

I just got caught up with “Ruler: Master of the Mask” and I love it. Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun have great chemistry and the story is pretty good so far. So sad it’s not at Viki but it is worth watching anywhere you can find it. :slight_smile:

I am ! And it’s definitely a shame viki missed it !
I’m truly wondering how he will comeback and become the king !
That queen dowager, when she saw it was not the real crown prince that had been made king but didn’t say a thing, I knew she would be bad !
I’m also liking the daughter of the chief eunuch, thanks lord she’s not like her dad. Her dad reminds me of the chief eunuch in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. It’s like he saw too many bulls**t in the palace so he’s jaded, he thinks he’s the one who knows what’s right or wrong but thankfully he’s daughter is different.
Ah, and Ga Eun and her stupid decision of following the queen dowager, argh ! I’m glad she finaly realizing the queen just wanted to use her, now the question is how will our poor chief peddler will save her !
Anyway, I love the drama ! :heart_eyes:

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Aww…I love it, too! :slight_smile:

One thing that bugs me is how people talk to him. He’s the Crown Prince, even if he’s not saying he is. Everyone talks to him like whatever. The fake King has the nerve to argue with him. That just made me shake my head. One thing, L is doing a great job as the fake King. The guy can act. Very nice job.

I like the story and it keeps you engaged. I just hope there’s a way for them to be together at the end but you never know with these dramas. At least, we got a very beautiful kissing scene this week. :slight_smile:

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Ehm…? I’m not watching the show, so sorry to butt in, but I was too curious… Can eunuchs have daughters? Aren’t their attributes cut off?

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:joy: Lol, indeed, eunuchs can’t have daughters. Actually, it’s a girl he saved when she was a kid and took care of somehow since then, so she’s calling him dad and help him with his scheming. I refer to her this way because in the drama she has quite some different roles, she’s this then that. Be the girl who’s doing what the chief eunuch told her is her main role. :wink:

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Aaaah, ok! :smirk:

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Lol, true. The thing that bugs me is how whenever recognize him or discover his the real one, they start screaming “Your Majesty” when they can have ears listening. Sometimes I feel like it’s a miracle people still don’t know who he is !
Oh, thanks for the gif, that beautiful kiss ! I was like, “yeah, finally !” :blush:

I like this Kdrama too but one thing that bothers me is that i’s sometimes to dragged with all the political stuff. I sometimes have a feeling they use it as a filler.

But I also wonder when he will claim his throne back and how long the fake king will really be a friend. I personally think he only says he’s a friend but really isn’t anymore.

Same ! When he pretended he didn’t knew Ga Eun was a court lady in the palace, I was like : “Oh, it’s over now !” Before that, it felt like he was waiting for the real one to come and rescue him but since Ga Eun entered the picture, it’s like the real king became his frenemy. He needs him but doesn’t want him.

OMG! Today’s episodes were just beyond awesome. The last 4 episodes are going to be epic.

Has anyone watched this week’s episodes?

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Yes, and I can’t wait for the next eps…

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I did too and OMG ! The tension was no joke ! Gosh ! :astonished:

I didn’t like Hwa Gun at first but she grew onto me and what she did, lord ! That way of defying her grandpa, she was taught and learned well from him ! :thumbsup: :ok_hand:
But she should have tried to find an antidote before burn that poppy field, that’s what worries me ! :fearful:

And Yi Sun, so glad Ga Eun is finally slowly seeing who he became and how the greed that it allowed to devour him because he coveted a woman who never been into him turned him into ! Can’t wait to be next week to see him really throw his mask away and stop playing fake Mr Nice Guy in front of her. :smiling_imp:

Besides that, well, I’m still very into the character of the crown prince. Finally, he’ll go claim what’s his ! :clap:

Last week eps were emotional & frustating with Ga Eun discovering the fake king & believing the real on killed her dad, and how this one and that one were blaming themselves for this and that but this week, damn ! It was all about them taking decisive action that would impact on their tomorrow. Really like this week ! :grin:
P.S: sorry for the long post…

Absolutely agree! The tension was so heavy but so good.

I was the same with Hwa Gun. She is not the stereotypical second lead female. I love her attitude and how brave she is. She’s clear that CP is not for her but she still loves him and will do anything for him.
Yoon So Hee is growing into a fantastic actress. My first with her was “The Village: Achiara’s Secret” and she was great in that. I hope to see her as a lead soon.

Now L has totally shocked me. His acting is on point and he has made me hate the fake King so much. What a great job he’s done.

Now the real tough part begins. I hope all the evil folks pay for their sins. Those poor little girls dying like that. It broke my heart. Grandpa better suffer. :slight_smile:

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Yes, hoping to see Yoon So Hee as a lead too. I don’t remember in what I saw her before but she was playing a nice role, and truthfully I wasn’t expecting anything special from her but I feel like I received the best of her, lol ! She truly owned the character of Hwa Gun well. :thumbsup:

I recently rewatched Master’s Sun, and L plays young version of So Ji Sub character in it. God, you can tell his acting improved a lot and that’s great ! He went rom the poor boy I used to pity at the beginning of the drama to the stupid greedy fake king I’ll make myself a pleasure to hate, lol ! :imp:

The scene where the Prince is talking to the former professor (one he appointed to the government job), Queens brother (minister) and someone else and they are arguing with him really LOUD outside about whether or not to use the troops to attack Mok I was wondering how no one heard that verbal fight in the palace… They should whisper in each others ear or hand them a note and then burn it so no one hears them for important matters

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She was the lead in Cyborg in Love (she wears light colored contact lenses) and also in One More Time which I saw on Netflix and the lead male repeats the same day over and over and makes changes to change his and her future

Oh, thanks ! I’ll have to check these dramas out then ! :relaxed:

OMG! Things are getting real and the Crown Prince is coming back to what is rightfully his! Today’s episode was awesome!!

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And he’s back! Now to prove he’s the real one. Two episodes to go. :slight_smile:

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He should have drugged the fake king and swapped places at the exorcism and then removed his mask…Ga Eun has a bad memory if she couldn’t remember that the papers were in a clay pot like she told the Prince the day before she looked for them in the greenhouse

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