[K-DRAMA] Anyone watching Secret Forest? ***Spoilers ahead***

To be honest, I really hope there is no romance. The world is full of rom-coms, I just want to enjoy a good thriller.

Of course there are times where romance, love relationships and marriage can become either a tragedy or a thriller as nasty as any. Even a horror movie.
As bad as National Geographic animal documentaries where you see someone being torn to pieces.

Yes, but I don’t go around demanding every single rom-com have a murder in it, why do people do this for thrillers?

I think Koreans, like Indians, like multi-genre films and dramas. In Bollywood films you often have comedy, tragedy, dance and songs, murders, heartbreak, politics, violent fights, cheesy family reconciliation, whatever. Because the whole family watches, not women alone or men alone or their kids alone. The boundaries between genres are not as clear-cut as in the West. So that everyone can find something to like. They call these “masala movies”: masala being a blend of various different spices.
Coming back to Corea.
You probably didn’t watch Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, but it’s a good example of genre mix. It was a rom com plus murder mystery plus fantasy plus slapstick comedy (this last part was for the most part very badly done and cringe-worthy).
So was Chicago Typewriter : it had romance, fantasy aspect (ghost, reincarnation, time travel), social commentary (the press and celebrities), politics, torture, ideals. Present day’s romance was sweet and slightly comedic, past time romance was heartbreaking.
This might explain in part why people wouldn’t find it strange to have some romance in a thriller.
In most American thrillers and action movies, you often have a beautiful woman even if she’s more or less irrelevant to the plot. Why? Can’t there be a thriller with only men? Of course it could. But they put a woman to make it more marketable to the male public which likes thrills and chases but also seeing long legs and bare skin. (Okay, maybe women can also scream more convincingly and make more likely victims? A bit of stereotype here)

I think you miss my point.

Just see every post here and elsewhere:

  • There’s a new drama about a serial killer.

  • Oh, I hope the leads have a romantic relationship.

  • That’s a drama about a plane crash.

  • I hope there is a romance.

  • That’s a drama about alien invasion.

  • Yes, but is there a romance in it?

I watched Do Bong Soon (not the best drama I’ve seen and not because of the romance). I know you don’t mean it, but you sound a bit condescending. I don’t object romance in a thriller or anywhere and I’m not that one-dimensional, but I don’t agree with the public demand to have a romance line shoved down our throats in.every.single.drama.

I am following it and I must say it is very good. As you say it’s not on Viki which is my favourite site but alas when a great drama comes along must needs. Not for the casual viewer and cannot dare miss a moment but strong cast and a treat as it keeps one guessing. Top quality in by opinion.


I tried watching while eating and I ended up with cold supper because I couldn’t take my eyes off. Not only the lines, but their expressions, even a glance, make a difference.

I don’t think there can be romance remember he said he would be alone until death. They destroyed his emotional brain when they operated on him as a young lad. He cannot feel empathy with the victims only strives for justice. I think we will see him respect the police officer as he already trusts her.

glykeria, I also am a romantic, so I just envision a romance starting any where, and I also agree don’t force a romance down our throats everytime a drama is shown. as for forest, I am thinking if this guy doesn’t have emotions per his surgery, kinda wish there could have been kind of a spark of some kind. I need to google that condition. does that mean all emotions, his anger issues was reason for that surgery anyway, so whats left, a shell???(hey heres a thought! SPOCK an emotionless guy!! )
and as for these at least 3 I am watching, serial killer, love triangle and good & bad cops/detectives/prosecutes. theres no end huh? well regardless love or not, I like forest, look out & suspicious partner. and close to ends too.

oh yeah ger_o_malley; did kind of forget about that. but can I hope for a “spark” at least with him and the detective??

I think he isn’t completely emotionless, but he is persuaded he is, and maybe his journey to discover and accept he’s not a robot will be part of the plot.

If you like romance, watch In the mood for love (2000). It’s one of the best romantic movies ever and one of my favorites.

Mood for love? hmm I will check it out today
I did google that ailment its too long to put here that kind of surgery is mainly used for people with epilepsy
still quite interesting though. wouldn’t be neat that he was brainwashed tfor him to believe he didn’t have any emotions. oh and that article did mention about memory loss and decision making. would be really cool if that did happen in the show!! thanks glykeria,

Towards whom? Thrillers? Writers? Indians and Koreans? U.S. audiences? You? Where?
I just read my post again and for the life o me I cannot find such a thing. But if you felt it, this means that something, for someone, can be interpreted that way. In that case, I’m sorry!

Towards me. That I can’t recognize. appreciate or understand a genre mix and/ or that my tastes are so basic that I need someone to explain to me that thrillers and horror stories can have traces or whole subplots of other genres in them. Or why this happens. And presuming that my only reference in judging is American cheap action. By the way, there are plenty of American action movies with only men (no trace of women eye- candy), but not the opposite. Action/ thriller/ horror doesn’t necessarily equal “cheap and targeted towards men, with guns and boobs”.

Many, many Korean dramas and movies are straight up horror (some of the best), so it’s not like the whole country watches only family-oriented stuff. And Gulaab Gang is Indian (I don’t recommend watching it, though).

I have nothing against romance, as you seem to believe, but I firmly believe it has its place, and that place is not in every possible drama.

My point was very clear from the beginning: people demand a love story everywhere and they complain if it’s not there, as if we are supposed to have only the genre that they want (romance) and other people’s tastes don’t matter.

And this can cause fanservice that doesn’t belong and ruin the drama. The romcom lovers won’t t care about the plot, because “oh, kiss!!!”, “oh, backhug!!!” but to the rest of us, it’s still a ruined plot.

For the life of me, I can’t understand people who tune it to watch a thriller/ horror and always complain that it’s too scary and there’s not enough romance. Either they have their genres mixed up or they can’t even fathom that there might exist something outside their personal preferences.

But I still know you didn’t do it intentionally, because I don’t think that’s who you are.


I guess you’re right.
I’m just loving the chemistry between the leads too much, haha.

I like the police officer’s chemistry with her coworker, tbh. The young one that they always joke together.

Didn’t he play the killer in another drama? EDIT: I remember, in Achiara. That was a weird one, too.

I’m pretty sure that Lee Joon Hyuk is a great, upstanding guy and he was distressed that he had to slap around Bae Doo Na like that, but oh boy is he good at playing the bad guy. I had only seen him play the good second lead and that’s such a waste of his talent. I hope his next drama is a serial killer role, he’s THAT good.

Minor irritation: what about Cho Seung Woo’s brows? The shape is how a make-up artist would imagine them (yes, I know literally everyone in dramas has them penciled on) but they don’t look right. The height and the length in particular.

Well, I guess nobody watched this.

I just got around to finishing this and y’all are missing out.

It’s one of the best dramas ever. From start to finish.

I’m currently on episode 3 and I am enjoying atm. The hour goes by so quickly and that’s rare for me cos I tend to find an hour long drama too boring if the story is, well, boring LOL. In any case, I like the mystery side to it, the characters and how the bad guys are not only bad guys for the sake of being a bad guy but because it’s become of them – there’s that understanding/justification for us, as why they are doing what they do. It’s quite realistic, probs the most realistic k-drama I’ve seen so far.

In another note though, am I the only one who guessed that the “man” on the window in the CCTV wasn’t Mr. Park and was exactly the killer and that the tv-cable guy who got blamed for the murder was indeed telling the truth? I assumed this on episode 1 already btw lol. I’ve watched too much detective series XD

I guessed it, too. I think that it was supposed to be a minor twist, or us seasoned viewers are just too good. :smile:

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I wasn’t looking for the romance like you mentioned, just wish it could have had a better ending is all.