[K-DRAMA] Anyone watching Secret Forest? ***Spoilers ahead***

Really? You didn’t like the ending?? Why?


I saw a very clear triangle, where the second female died and the main couple will be together. We didn’t see it onscreen, but it’s very clear they’ll be together. So, for me, there was romance and a good one at that.

I guess just something more with the guy, and maybe just to see him get a bit more emotional even if he did have brain surgery. maybe I am looking for too much, yeah it was a good ending, but I am selfish(hehehehehe) I want more!!
and as for the triangle. , hmmmm maybe I should watch the ending again… yeah I would have loved to see the kindling flame between the Lt. and him.

I saw him evolve emotionally a whole lot, especially in the last episodes. The whole series was basically his arc.

Maybe we got different vibes from the drama :slight_smile:

I just finished the whole series. Now, I feel so empty and am I the only one craving for a season 2?!

Other than that, I loved how this drama feels so fresh despite the typical corruption/rich people trampling on the law to get what they wanted. It’s the writing and the production, how they don’t leave us feeling frustrated for too long and that most of the complications (aside from the big picture) presented in one episode were being resolved within that same episode. We get the several “ughhhhhs” but never the bad “ughhhhs” where we end up flipping a table and giving up on the whole thing.

Bae Doona was a charm and I loved the whole special investigation up until the point where


Prosecutor Yoon was revealed to be the killer


Also loved how Hwang Si-Mok trusted Yeo-Jin so much that he never doubted her since the beginning! I aspire to have that level of friendship with someone one day. Can we also discuss the small moments they have and how the noodles scene at the finale kind of culminated every interaction they had together into one whole magical cute exchange? Sighhh, I need more of these two in Season 2. PLEASE LET THERE BE A SEASON 2!

Besides, we need to know more about Yeo-Jin’s past! I need moar of these characters!


On another note, I assumed LCJ was a good character trying to stop the corruption from within. When he had that massive, powerful speech in Si-Mok’s office after he accused him of being the culprit, I knew right there and then that he was a guy that really respects the law, his job, and how really just wants to uphold it and basically, clean the slate. I didn’t want him to die, but just like how Eun-Soo’s death forced things move along for her father to start taking action, LCJ’s death happened to prevent any further misdirections. AND AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO CRIED SO HARD WHEN THE CONTENTS OF HIS LETTER WAS REVEALED? I felt for the guy honestly. Possibly, one of my favourite characters ever in K-drama land.


Although I’d like a season 2, I feel the story was completed and I’m not frustrated with the end, so I’ll be equally happy to watch whatever the writer offers next.


And it’s even better that he isn’t technically the killer (in his mind, it’s important from a law perspective), he is the mastermind. His warped sense of justice (because in his mind he did it for justice, not for money, fame or love) made one of the best villains ever.

And I also liked how his wife, although she was shaken, she chose to NOT honor his death and instead went on being corrupted to the core.