K-drama, C-drama, TW-drama and dramas: what's the difference?

In the Japanese language, it is common for some foreign terms to be part of the natives’ vocabulary. This is the case with hamburgers, buses and drama, for example, the latter being used to designate series that are generally romantic and are intended for different types of audiences. Thus, the dramas emerged, whose term ended up being adopted to designate the Asian series as a whole. But there are many differences between all of them.

So, in summary, a drama is basically a Japanese series whose protagonists may, or may not, engage in a romance that will last for every episode. Some examples are Hyaku Man En No Onna-tachi?, available on Netflix, and In Time With You, available on Viki, a stream entirely dedicated to fans of the genre.

The difference between K-Drama, C-Drama and TW-Drama

Now that you know what a drama is, it’s easier to understand what other terms are used to designate Asian series. Therefore, most of them involve the initial of the native country and the word “Drama”. Within this context, a K-Drama is basically a series held in South Korea, with warm romances between the protagonists.

Some very famous examples include Boys Before Flowers, Crash Landing on You, The Porcelain King and Love Alarm. All of them are available on Netflix with their respective complete seasons. The streaming giant has been betting big on these contents and, weekly, new K-Dramas arrive on the platform.

The same happens with C-Dramas, series from China, and TW-Dramas, which come directly from Taiwan. Among the most famous productions of this first one to see on Netflix are Between Reason and Emotion, Our Secret Place, Meteor Garden and Shoulder Amigo. In the field of Taiwanese series, on streaming, you can find The Perfect Match, Love Storm, K.O. One, The Mafia Princess and The Devil Punisher.

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I don’t know? What were you trying to say?
Did you re-read what you wrote?
If you wanted to write about the differences, then it might be written in between the lines, and I just don’t get it.


Obrigada! Eu sempre fico muito perdida com todos estes nomes, e pra mim essas informações foram muito úteis. A intenção não é generalizar, mas dar uma ideia para pessoas que como eu ficam perdidas com as denominações dos doramas com ks, c, bls e outras siglas.

Oh okay! Sorry for misunderstanding you! I thought that you were one of those people that generalize Asian culture haha! -Luna

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