[K-DRAMA] Choi Jin Hyuk is back! Help us get "Tunnel" Licensed!

Choi Jin Hyuk (Heirs/Emergency Couple) is finally back from his military service and knee injury. He will be starring in the OCN drama “Tunnel.” The story of time traveling detective from the 80’s, who lands in present day Seoul after crossing a time portal chasing a lead on a case.

Please visit the channel and help us fill out the license request form. Thank you. :slight_smile:



I will for sure.
I am a big fan of Choi Jin Hyuk since “Emergence Couple”



Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Have two years already passed? Oh my God! Time flies.

Come visit us at the channel and help us get this drama licensed. Thanks. :slight_smile:



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I loved him in Gu Family Book… He made me laugh and cry plus he looks gorgeous with long hair

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