[K-DRAMA] "Criminal Minds" Discussion - (BEWARE OF SPOILERS) 😉

Unfortunately, neither Viki nor the competition has this drama announced yet. Not even a channel. Since it is a tvN drama, more than likely it will be an exclusive on the other site, who knows. Nevertheless, I hope to watch it someway, somehow. I’m a huge fan of the American series and this remake has had me intrigued for a while. It premieres on 7/26. Will you be watching? :heart_eyes:


Oh yes!

I lost interest in the American version early on, but a one-season drama sounds perfect! I hope it’s packed with more thriller, less action!

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More than excited!

I’m checking every day to see if viki or the competition created a channel. I find it somehow weird that none of them have a channel. I’m thinking maybe some other site (N) might have taken the rights? I hope we won’t miss this one though.

I must say the cast looks amazing and the trailer promising.

Let’s have some hope. :slight_smile:


BTW, I SO wish Daniel Henney had chosen this version and not that s****y spinoff…

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The spinoff got canceled anyway. Daniel is going to be a regular on CM next Fall.

Oh, my boy is getting steady work! I hope he gets a meaty role.

I might revisit the original, then… :heart_eyes:

Happy to see a discussion thread on this topic. Thanks Mirna.

If Viki only knew how many searches have been done [on Viki] for Criminal Minds, they would know how highly anticipated the drama is… I was wondering about N too, but haven’t seen any news about it.


Thanks for starting this thread. I’m noticing obsessive/compulsive tendencies in my behavior as the premiere for “Criminal Minds” comes closer. ; )

Maybe tvN is holding out for the highest bidder, just kidding.

So I’m not the only one who’s eager to see it ! :smile:

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From what I read, Daniel is the only one being transferred to the original CM. They do have to make some changes on it since last season it took some off turns that just made the season barely watchable. Having Reid fighting a murder charge all season was just the dumbest story line ever. The new characters were okay but I didn’t warm up to Adam Rodriguez as Luke. And having him and Daniel doesn’t make a lot of sense. Anyway, having lost 2 huge characters before last season, they have some adjusting to do. :slight_smile:

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My pleasure! :slight_smile: I really want to watch it, too. Huge fan of CM and curious about the Korean version of it. This is my genre and I love it. :slight_smile:

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Nope…you’re not the only one. :slight_smile:

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so called biting at the bit. yeah someone earlier, got bored w american version, was getting too personal, not investigating. Viki has ncisc(I think thats the way they got it) anyway, not as personal as the american version, wanna solve crimes etc, so with this can’t wait!!

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I can’t wait for this to air. I keep looking for a channel everyday too^^ I love the original, eventhough I haven’t seen the newest season yet. But I mean this remake has Lee JunKi and Moon ChaeWon so I’m definitly hoping for the best. :smiley: I reeally hope viki gets it.

TvN makes me surprised more. Most of tvN I like is rom-com. But this one is crime and mystery :scream::scream::scream:

Excited :grinning::heart_eyes: Lee Joon Ki and Daniel…I love both of these guys and they are great in action/ crime shows…I also like Lee Sun-Bin from Missing 9 since she can play a strong female character well…crime/mystery shows are my favorite genre so I hope we get more shows like this since I have already watched most of the Korean, Chinese, Japanese, British, Australian, Scandinavian and American crime and mystery shows…lol

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I’m SO excited! My Lee Joon Gi drought is almost over! I was a fan of the old Criminal Minds show too. I’m really looking forward to how this drama will proceed. Dusting off my couch!

First episode aired and I can’t find it anywhere. It’s not Viki, of course. But nowhere else either. The usual suspects don’t have it. Let’s hope at least YouTube has it. If anyone finds it, please let us know. :slight_smile:

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