[K-drama] "Evergreen", the next hit! Please help with licence!

Hello all! How’s everyone doing? :grinning:
I am here to proudly introduce a current popular drama that has surprisingly not gained license on Viki yet.

The drama is called Evergreen also known as That Man Oh Soo. (See below for description)

Oh Soo (Lee Jong-Hyun from CNBLUE) is a man in his 20’s and works as a promising engineer in the IT field, a cafe owner and a barista. He is smart and handsome. He plays cupid for you men and women by using a mysterious pollen. Due to the pollen, he falls in love with Seo Yoo-Ri (Kim So-Eun from Boys Over Flowers). She is also in her 20’s and works as a police officer. She has a bright personality and supports her family by herself. She later reunites with her childhood friend and first love, Kim Jinwoo (Kang Tae-Oh from 5urprise). Yoori doesn’t realize that Jinwoo is eager to confess his feelings to her. All three of them end up in a love triangle.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy

Air Dates: March 5, 2018 - April 24, 2018; Mondays & Tuesdays

Total # of episodes: 16

Please help license this drama ASAP! More than half the episodes came out already and I really hope to share this drama with the Viki audience before the drama ends! :persevere:Please click the licensing link below! Thanks!


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i wanted to see these two too ;


I think you need to tell us the EXACT title you wish us to apply for. :smiley:

Please type Evergreen as the title. Thanks!

Unfortunately Evergreen is a co-production from the rival. So I think we wont get a license :sob:
But we can still try!