[K-DRAMA] Help us get EXO Suho's Web Drama "Universe's Star" Licensed!

We need your help to secure the license for EXO Suho’s Web Drama “Universe’s Star.” Please favorite the channel and join us if you would like in a specific language. Please fill out the license request form and help us get this short drama on Viki.

Thank you.



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@anon20195650 @mirna023_316

I tried to search for Mirna’s new channel and it’s not coming up - is there a bug or something happening? you type in the name or part of it and it’s not showing options on the drop down menu?

Good luck with your channel Mirna!



It really helps if you use channels e-list. I’m rarely in discussion boards but the notifications (emails) are always visible on my main screen with orange number that I click, read then click ‘drama page’ for the info I need to fill out the click ’ title request form’ before I hit ‘submit’.

I never click the ‘followers’ button until after I finish watching the drama as that is my way of seeing which dramas I have watched if things change on a page or if I can’t remember later.

One question though:

If you aren’t following a drama, you will not get the notifications.

This then becomes a “catch 22”?

For example, I have one I am trying to get licensed too. (Actually, THREE…but we’re making this as an example :slight_smile: )

If you visit the fan channel AND follow it now, then I can easily send a notification to you with more information OR updates on the air date AND if we get the license - well, yes a celebratory “we will have videos for you to watch SOON” note!.

But if you aren’t following the channels you want to get licenses for or are interested in - well, followers are one way you can show Viki what you want to SEE. As well as License forms!

(Side note: the three that need licenses in my workspace are Chinese dramas - The Advisors Alliance, Rule the World, and Lost Love in Times, by the way. :slight_smile: )

Anyway - that’s the deal - if you aren’t following a drama, you won’t get the notifications. And Channel Managers are not blessed with a list of PM addresses for those who want to SEE the drama in future but do not sign up for the Follow…!



We promote it in all the avenues available. Notifications are sent to channels with similar genres to target specific audiences. Any place to get eyeballs to notice a drama helps. :slight_smile:

I hadn’t noticed that I couldn’t search for the drama until I tried today. Is it a bug @anon20195650?

Good catch Linda. Thanks. So hard to find the fan channel now. Hope it’s a bug.


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