[K-DRAMA] "I'll Go to You when the Weather Is Nice" needs Other Language mods


We need Other Language moderators in the upcoming drama "I’ll Go to You When The Weather Is Nice." which will start airing mid-February.
We already have the following languages:
Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Arabic, Polish, Romanian, German, Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian, Thai, Dutch, Finnish, Czech, Russian.
I am looking for moderators who can commit to the schedule of an on-air show, who not only get the translation done but take care of the full editing within 1-2 weeks of the English. If you cannot commit to this, stop reading now.
If you are still interested, I would like to ask you to send me the following info:

  1. How many unfinished dramas are you currently moderating, their title and what’s the completion state (for instance “8 out of 16 episodes” - by complete we mean more than 97%). If the English team has abandoned the drama or is veeery slow therefore the project is almost inactive, please note it. Or if the drama has lost its license and you cannot work on it.
  2. How many unfinished dramas are you currently a part of as a subber or CM, the titles and what’s the completion state for each (as above)
  3. How many coming soon dramas will you be moderating/subbing (of those scheduled for the future 2-3 months, as much as is known) and their titles.

If you have applied to Channel Manager please read this topic

Olá, não sei se posso ajudar.
Não fui moderadora de nenhum drama ainda, mas gostaria muito, se eu puder ajudar de alguma forma, ficarei feliz.
Posso ser moderadora do português?

Ótima semana!


This would be my first K drama I’m subbing from English to Greek so the answer to 1) 2) and 3) is none!


@mariecil_60 there is already a greek mod. but maybe you can joyn their team


Thank you for your message :slight_smile:
How can I apply to join their team?


@mariecil_60 please write the Greek Mods and ask them, if you can join the team => or


Thank you!


This was for moderators, not for subbers, though… I already told you as a reply to your private message, which are the names of the Greek mods, and to write to them. They didn’t reply yet?


Hi! I saw the message from teufelchen_netty_266 before I saw the message from you. Thank you both for being so helpful! I’ve contacted the greek moderators you both mentioned and am now just waiting for a reply :blush:


Recruiting moderators for more languages. Especially South-Asian languages like Indonesian etc.
Only write to me if you

  1. Don’t have a zillion unfinished projects and
  2. Are willing to finish it in a reasonable amount of time (like 2-3 months)


Indonesian moderator and editors wanted.
The episodes have been subbed in Indonesian by the Viki bot, so we actually need someone to edit them.


Hi there! I’m interested in subbing from Korean/English to Serbian. It would be my first drama to translate here, but I already did some translations previously so I have experience. Let me know if you need my help! :slight_smile:


My dear, if you had read the title of the post, it said we need Other Language mods, which means moderators, not translators.
And if you had checked the drama page, you would have seen that there is already a Serbian moderator, and that the drama is almost completely subbed in Serbian (episodes 15 out of 16 are done)
However, I know that Serbian subbers are very rare here and everyone wants them. So why don’t you write to our Serbian moderator (her name is on the drama’s cover page, that long vertical picture), and others from other dramas, and ask where they still need help? Most of them have much more than one project, and I’m sure they would be happy to have you.