K-drama/J-drama focused on married life?

Hello everyone! :heart: I recently reviewed ‘It started with a kiss’ and ‘Mischievous Kiss’, and I must say that I really like the theme… so I was wondering if you know any drama that focuses on married life, obviously romantic. (okay even with fantasy elements) thanks a lot! :heart_eyes:

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I really enjoyed Misty, a married couple in a sexy homicide drama. But maybe more growup than the ones you said you liked.

If you have not watched it yet …

These are some other dramas dealing with marriage (and yes, Uee is one of my fav actresses, that is why she is in two of the below dramas :D).

Thank you so much. Others?


‘‘WELL INTENDED LOVE’’ I believe is (THAI) drama. I can not say enough about this drama. A must see and is based on a marriage of convenience that ends up being the perfect marriage after all. Great ending too.

Hey! Another drama? :3

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I love love these 2 japanese drama but is not based on married life

I’m doing Spanish subs on this one but I honestly DO like it. Just that most ppl. hate it bc the actress is really good, and this one don’t do justice for her. Check it out, you never know.

PERFUME (Korean drama) was so far my number 1 all fully subbed! it’s so funny you will pee or cry from laughing. It is related with fantasy- magic but she also has BIG marriage problem issues.

Plus her husband is so narcissistic and shallow. It is a really funny drama though and I love that they don’t make Jae oeok the stereotypical “big” girl (but why is she supporting cast?).

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Yeah…the story had to have a villain bc if he was a good husband, there would be no story to tell. I mainly blame her, too. She let herself go. She only had one child, why gain so much weight? She didn’t work, the least she could do was exercise, not eat all day long. She had options but chose to feel sorry for herself, and was eating herself to death. It’s a good lesson to learn from this drama. By the way, I found the guy so UNATTRACTIVE that I was like…excuse you, you are nothing to brag about to want beautiful women either. They chose the wrong husband for this role I’m telling you. In K-drama man never do any wrong. Noticed that?

Of course, many selfish men would go out on the street to find what he didn’t have at home. From the beginning, he showed he was obsessed with her looks. My grandmother always told me: a wife has to be to her husband all the good things, so her man don’t go looking for it on the streets. That doesn’t guarantee an everlasting marriage but it doesn’t hurt to put your share in the marriage not just cook, clean and give them a kid.

Logically, she was the supporting cast since the main character was really the ‘‘skinny girl’’ (I’m not good with asian names). You know how these ppl. in K-drama work all the time, unfair and degrading to women most of the time. That is why, I pick and choose what I watch. I love Japanese drama and movies bc they always give women strong characters, fighters etc… (some not all of them of course) Those are the type I mainly watch.

It was mainly funny to me bc I never laugh with those gross scenes of farting, eating like animals, getting diarrhea and falling in top of it as they slipped in the mess. Oh gosh, how much I hate K-dramas like that. It’s revolting. That’s why I loved this drama with MOSTLY clean funny scenes (it had a few I wasn’t to happy about).

Hello…I forgot this title for K-drama. It’s about marriage life of this two couple. They married too early.only know about themselves for a short while. Then after few years, their first love came which put a test on their marriage life. I remember that the first love of husband is a ballerina. I don’t even remember the actors. Hope someone could give me the title. It’s not a recent drama. I bet it’s before 2017 drama.

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