[K-DRAMA] License Request Wishlist (Previously Broadcast Dramas)


Here is for Colombia or South America
Terius Behind me
Special labor Mr Jo
The Guest
Voice 2
Voice 3
Degree of love
Granjero moderno
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Strongest Deliveryman
The rose of charon has bloomed
Gap Dong
The King of Baking Kim Tak Goo
Heart to heart
Hong Gu Love
Uncontrollably Fond
Miracle that we meet
Encarnate jealousy
Jewel in the palace


Thanks for your list of historical dramas, I just sent requests for all (I’m in usa).

I’m very interested in delving into serious historical/costume k-drama. I’ve seen a few and really enjoy learning Korean history. I’m not too keen on the lighter costume dramas of late (comic relief, straying too far from history, etc.). Sadly many of the older sageuk dramas on Viki are VPP only (not available for Viki Standard Pass = me). From my below list of what’s available that I haven’t seen yet, would you recommend a few “best-of” sageuk dramas for my queue?

Queen Insoo
Great Queen Seondeok
Jewel in the Crown
Tale of Arang
Gunman in Joseon
Diary of a Night Watchman
The Flower in Prison
Queen for Seven Days
Grand Prince
The Crowned Clown

Thanks! :smile_cat:


Amazing News! Here in North America, not one but two more excellent (previously broadcast) dramas have appeared as “Coming Soon” on Viki:

Are You Human, Too?

The Best Hit

I most definitely recommend both of these dramas, looking forward to watching them again with you here on Viki! :heart_eyes_cat:

Thus far 6 of my original wishlist of 16 dramas have come to Viki in the past few months. Sending out my updated wishlist for future luck! (Although most of these are licensed elsewhere, I’ll continue to have hope!)

  • Circle: Two Worlds Connected
  • Stranger (Secret Forest)
  • Tomorrow with You
  • Jealousy Incarnate (Don’t Dare to Dream)
  • Strongest Deliveryman
  • My Secret Terius (Terius Behind Me)
  • Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  • Dear My Friends
  • New Tales of Gisaeng
  • Temperature/Degree of Love

If you’d like, please send your request for dramas you want on Viki:

Thank you, universe!


Just want to share that there are four (previously broadcast) web dramas newly added to the Coming Soon section of Viki!

The Birth of a Mrs. / Birth of a Married Woman (2016)

Govengers (2018)

Love as You Taste (2019)

Loss Time Life (2019)

All of these are mini-dramas and seem to be super-light fare watching, which can be nice to balance out between intense dramas. Hopefully they are far better than some of the online reviews imply! :smiley_cat:


Now Coming Soon on Viki, (5/28/20 hopefully worldwide!)
An old favorite from 2015,High-End Crush :heart_eyes_cat:


More Previously Broadcast K-Dramas on the Viki Coming Soon list:
(US and hopefully worldwide)

The Miracle We Met (2018) (coming 6/11/20)

Cinderella’s Stepsister (2010) (coming 6/04/20)

Thank you Viki! :heart_eyes_cat:


i would like for this show to be subbed because it only has clips on youtube not fully subbed My Enemy, My Neighbour 2019