[K-DRAMA] Nokdu Flower [REMOVED from VIKI?]

The Korean drama “Nokdu Flower” with Jo Jung-Seok / Han Ye-Ri / Yoon Si-Yoon has been listed as Coming Soon on Viki (USA region) for some time now, yet from a moment ago it seems to be removed completely. Does anyone have any scoops? Perhaps it’s just a glitch since the start date is soon. Thanks for any insight! sheishun


I just saw it because @somejuwels mentioned that in the german community.
What a shame…

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It’s been removed as of now.

It was not licensed for everyone.
It was supposed to have only Eng subs which means that it was going to be managed by Viki staff.

My guesses:

  1. Last minute, content provider changed their mind and license is gone.

  2. It will be brought back but this time, the license will be wider and maybe it could be managed by volunteers.

Who knows now???
I think option 1 is the more logical though…
What a pity!


Let’s wait a little bit more… Nothing is definite at this point.
Who knows Viki might surprise us this time… ?
Now that other 2 May k-dramas are lost.


Thank you for the update.


I was really looking forward to this drama, so I hope it will be [back] on Viki soon, available for more people to watch in the future :two_hearts:

I was thinking - wow, and for a historical drama it has been some time that I went - wow! Anyway, if a fan channel vanishes I prepare myself for the worst case, so I don’t have high hopes for this drama. At Viki, I mean.


I checked on Kocowa and the drama is currently there. “ONLY ON KOCOWA”, sadly. :broken_heart:

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Apparently, it won’t be available here.
Oh well… Another drama lost.

Let’s wait for the upcoming ones left.
VIKI BETTER try to secure the upcoming ones somehow…