[K-Drama] Recommendation for k-dramas with Happy Ending

I’m looking for a K-Drama set in…I not super particular about the different era’s but lets say Ye Olden Times. I’ve seen Faith, a portion of Scarlet Heart, and Empress Ki but none of them have super happy endings for the king and queen. I actually want a “And they lived happily ever after” story set in that kind of time period. Any recommendations?

Queen Insoo’s Man

SORRY. Queen Inhyun’s man


Maybe Tamra the Island?

You mean Queen Inhyun’s Man?


LOL Really I didn’t notice …

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Yes!!! I really really really recommend watching QIHM. I’ve rewatched it so many times. Period drama, time slip, happy ending… incredible chemistry. <3

  • dong yi is a classic sageuk that should not be missed! (romance + political)
  • moonlight drawn by clouds (romance + politics + comedy)
  • the moon embracing the sun (romance + politics)
  • rooftop prince (comedy + romance)
  • sungkyungkwan scandal (romance [gender bender] + politics)
  • gu family book (fantasy + romance)
  • queen in hyun’s man (romance + politics)

Do these still have happy endings though? I heard Gu Family Book ended sad.

Depends on your perspective. I’d say Gu Family Book and Rooftop Prince end ‘sad’. But others might say the endings are hopeful/optimistic.

They aren’t happy endings that’s for sure.

It’s been a while for some of these - out of the list: I don’t remember Dong Yi ending. The rest aside from the two just mentioned have happy endings unless you get second lead syndrome (if I remember right).


Dong Yi was happy, but historically correct.

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Would you say the moon embracing the sun has a happy ending? Be honest I don’t can about spoilers. It’s on my watch list but I would like the next thing I watch to have a happy ending.

Yes! It did

the dramas whose ending that might not satisfy you would be: gu family book, and rooftop prince. i don’t like watching unhappy endings, like you, but the endings to these shows didn’t leave me overtly sad. with these shows, give it a risk if you want!

other than that, all the other dramas i mentioned have a happy ending :slight_smile:

Splish Splash Love (time travel web toon)
Arang and the Magistrate

the Joseon ending is sad in Rooftop Prince but the future (modern day) is happy (time travel show)

Most of dramas nowadays are happy ending except Moon Lover. There are tons of them. Since cancer dramas old time no longer exist, sad ending drama is very rare. As you can see in Goblin, some people predict it will have a sad ending, but the writer somehow… makes it to the happy ending.