[K-DRAMA] Recruiting an ENGLISH team for "Temptation of the Wife"!

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re doing well.

I was recently asked by the CM of the drama, Chloe, to finish and edit the subtitles for this 129 episode drama. I’m currently looking for Kor-Eng subbers, translation editors, and general editors. Each episode is about 30 minutes long, and each episode is split into 4 parts. If we have enough subbers/editors on the team, finishing the drama shouldn’t take long. This project is not a rush and can be done as part-time if needed.

Unlike another project of mine where I give feedback and help other volunteers become better editors, I will not be doing so with this drama, so I would like experienced subbers and editors only, please.

If you could stop by for even 1 episode, that would be so helpful. Chloe and I would be so thankful for any help we can get. Please let me know if you would like to help us finish and perfect (well, not perfect perfect… just make them as great as possible) the English subtitles for this drama! Thank you. :blush:

Channel: https://www.viki.com/tv/52c-temptation-of-wife
Contact me (my profile):

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Unfortunately, this drama is also getting unlicensed. Chloe was only informed of this yesterday after I was recruited, which I hope isn’t because of Viki Staff read this thread and forgot to tell Chloe that this drama was indeed getting unlicensed. I’m quite sad to see this drama go, as I watched this drama as a child and absolutely loved it. I was quite excited to get to watch it again [while editing], but that’s not the case anymore. As of July 17th, 2017, we will NOT be recruiting anymore because of this drama getting unlicensed.

I apologize for those who wished to help us on this project, but I did not know this drama was getting unlicensed as I was posting this thread.

Hope to meet you all soon in other projects! :heart:

Lots of love,

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