[K-drama] Recruiting Language Moderators for “Yi San”

This breathtaking series is about the life and reign of Yi San, the 22nd monarch of Joseon. He made many reforms during his reign, doing away with all the old traditions of status being considered of greater worth than intelligence and morality, he repressed the wealthy ministers’ suppression of the people, and he allowed illegitimate children of noblemen to hold high government positions, a first in Korean history. This series also tells the story of the great love between the king and Sung Song Yeon, a young girl with a talent for art.

Recruiting moderators for all languages except from Spanish- Portuguese - Finnish - French - Indonesian - Romanian- German - Danish - Italian - Greek(however some of them might need subtitlers so feel free to ask the respective mods)
Here is the link of the series https://www.viki.com/tv/29542c-yi-san
Contact me here https://www.viki.com/users/mahoula

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