[K-DRAMA] Recruiting team for "Full House" [CLOSED]

Hi all!

There are a new channel, is about Full House, the korean drama of 2004. Every week two episodes (like the original broadcasting). So moderators, segmenters and subtitlers are neede in all languages.

Just see the channel here and send a message.http://www.viki.mx/tv/24798c-casa-llena

Hola a todos:

Existe un nuevo canal sobre la serie surcoreana del 2004, Full House. Cada semana se colocarán dos episodios, como en el sistema de transmisión original. Así que se necesitan moderadores, segmentadore y subtituladores para todos los idiomas.

Pueden ver el canal aquí. Envíen sus mensajes: http://www.viki.mx/tv/24798c-casa-llena

hi if you need spanish mod i’m ready

i would love to be the German Mod. It was my first Drama and it is my all time favorite.

I can sub from english to spanish.

If you need, I can subb from english to french. But I’m not a QC member, so it can be a little problem maybe /:

I clicked on the site, but I got an error message instead…

if you need a french mod tell me ! ^^

Hi, all:

Thank you for your answer and your interesnt on the show. Unfortunately, Viki sent me a message saying that the drama cannot be on vik because they don’t have the permission needed. I’m sorry for that.

If I have another Project, I’ll contact you.

Have a good day!