[K-DRAMA SPECIALS] Looking for segmenters, moderators, translators for the KBS "School-Themed Drama Specials"

Hey guys,
I recently became the CM of the school- themed Drama Specials and every positions are open!
Especially SEGMENTERS are needed(thanks Irmar)!!!
School Themed Dramas
I need Moderators and Subtitlers for every language. But most importantly KOR- ENG!!!
And I am looking for a page designer as well, so if you are interested, pm me ^^
Greetz Nga


That’s a hard job you took, dear!
I am CM of another collection of Drama Specials (I’m halfway), and I contributed on two others as language moderator. I had checked out the School-Themed as well but didn’t have the energy to ask for it.
They all need dividing of the videos into 6 parts, careful fixing of the bad segments (the segments are too short and with no extensions) and thorough English editing because the romanization of the names, the punctuation and the formatting are not per viki standards. So you need first of all an expert segmenter and an English editor.
All this work before Other Languages can start.
And all this when they are easily available on youtube fully subbed in the KBS channel.
That’s why it’s difficult to find easily many volunteers (at least it was for me, I hope for you it’s different). And there are very few viewers too, because Viki thought it was a good idea to bundle these short films into “collections”, so that nobody can ever search for one of them even if they know the title. Which, title, is very often different than in youtube, to confuse people further. Not only that, but they are behind viki pass. I call this sabotage on the part of viki!
It’s a pity though, as they are so good…
The positive part for translators is that these films are all different from each other, so there is great variety keeping the interest alive, and they all have good actors, good writers and directors. Some end in a less than satisfactory way, but there are those with a happy ending too.

I wish you luck, you’re in for a loooong journey.


Oi, tenho interesse em participar como segmentadora “Especially SEGMENTERS are needed” Pic Me! rsrs :wink: Aguardo contato.

SEGMENTERS are needed: I’m interested in participating. I’m brazilian. Thanks.

Hi, for me the nationality is not important xD
But are you interested in segmenting or sub?
That is my most important question!

Hi, my interest is sub. Because segmenting take a little time and I am more fast with sub. :raising_hand::kiss: