[K-DRAMA] Team members needed for "Distorted"

Hello everyone!

I am the CM for the channel Distorted! This is the general blurb of the drama:

In modern society, journalism has lost its integrity, and journalists who focus on the facts have disappeared. However, we’ve seen that there are still journalists who seek the truth, and if there is at least one person who is willing to look, the truth will come out from the darkness. Here we have two journalists. One is a “media jackal”, a journalist who will write any story, fact or fiction, in order to get views, and the other is a “vegetative journalist” who hasn’t been able to write a single article for five years. These two journalists, with the help of a prosecutor work together in order to seek the truth.

It stars Namgoong Min (Chief Kim, The Girl Who Sees Smells), Yoo Joo Sang (Pied Pepper, Heard it Through the Grapevine) and Jeon Hye Bin (Another Oh Hae Young, Gunman in Joseon).

We have gotten a late license and are in need of Korean-English subbers as well as other team members! Please contact me (www.viki.com/users/crazyjennster) to join the team!

Here is the link to the page! https://www.viki.com/tv/35482c-distorted?q=distorted

Many thanks and hope to see you there!

crazyjennster (CM)


Still looking for subbers! Each episode is 30 minutes! We have 12 in total so far!

Do you guys need someone to sub from Eng to Spa?
I can help :smile:
I can also segment if you let me :smile:

Hi ! I can do french subtitles if you need it ! :slight_smile:

Hi! Are you still looking for Kor-Eng subber? Would like to help out!

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Are you interested in doing subs still? I have “Three Meal a Day: Seaside Ranch” Let me know as soon as you can please :slight_smile: thanks @karysklover