[K-DRAMA] "The Defendant", Ji Sung New Drama, a prison break!

Hello everyone !

I know for sure that many people like this actor ! And that’s why I find it surprising to see so few people aware of this show. This is the link to defendant : https://www.viki.com/tv/32810c-defendant

If you like it, please follow and send those licence requests in mass ! We need this show !
The trailer was posted in the comment section, omo those goosebumps :slight_smile:

Ps : This one is coming soon too, if you could check it, that’d be great !




thank you so much i requested the license this actor is the bomb!!! i love him and i hope is a good story plot.


Well the plot cerainly looks amazing, and his performance is always number one, so what could go wrong ^^

This historical looks really good! The cast is awesome! Thanks for the reminder.
Hmm… wonder if it will end up competing with Saimdang, Light’s Diary…

Haha, I don’t know, but what I know is that both have caught my interest ^^

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Unfortunately, neither Ji Sung nor Namgoong Min are doing “Traitor Hong Gil Dong.” They both decided to accept other roles in “Defendant” and “Chief Kim.” Yoon Gyun Sang is the main lead now. It still sounds like a great story, since it takes places during a very tumultuous time in the Joseon era.

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Yes, you’re right ! I saw your message on the comment, but we’ll have to wait for the CM to change that :smiley:
Yes, historical are often really interesting :3

He’s awesome too, although JS and NGM will be missed.
Yes, sounds like a great story. Hong GIl Dong is a pretty fascinating character. Setting in Joseon era just makes it more appealing (for me):slight_smile:

For anyone who’s interested, an article on the HGD novel:

Absolutely agree. Hong Gil Dong is one of those stories that has so much richness and I’m sure Yoon Gyun Sang will do a great job. As a history nut, I love these type of stories. :slight_smile:

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