[K-DRAMA] “The duo” Recruiting Kor-Eng editors urgently

Hello everyone
I am the channel manager of the series The Duo.
We have managed so far to release the first 7 episodes.
However, our two TE are super busy and absent from viki the last 5 and 4 months respectively.
So in order for us to finish working with this wonderful series and let it be translated into other languages, we need desperately competent Kor-Eng editors. Preferably we want people with enough time to be able to TE at least one episode per week, but we can’t be picky so any help we can get is welcomed.
If you or someone you know can help let me know as soon as possible.
Kind regards

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Please consider working on The Duo. First of all, it’s a good drama. :slight_smile: Second, it’s complete in English other than editing - all transcription is done for the entire series. :slight_smile:

Thus - the only thing it needs it your good help in editing this drama. Please help bring it to Other Languages by getting the episodes released!

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I am just giving this a boost to top

Hello everyone
We managed to release eight episodes so far and we have another 24 episodes.
We need translation editors desperately.
So if you or someone you know can help us I will really be grateful.
Its a shame for this wonderful historical series not being able to be translated to other languages due to lack of translation editors.
All the best

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I’m new at subbing & a beginner at Korean. But if editing English translations is all you need, I’m happy to help as English is my mother language. Let me know. (If you’ll have me!)

Hello to you
Thank you for your interest.
If we will need you I will let you know.
Currently we really need experts in Korean

Hi! ive never dont this before but id love to volunteer for it! I have zero subbing experience but am fluent in both eng and kor! let me know if youre intrested.

Thats great. Thank you for your interest.
I will add you in the team and I will send you a pm with instructions

We managed to release the first 26 episodes to all languages so far.
We have edited eps 27 to 31 and we just need some lines translated to be able to release those as well. The lines are in the last part of each episode. They are the preview for the following episodes. If you or anyone you know can help I will really appreciate it.

I would love to help.

Were you able to finish the editing?
I would like to watch it, it looked very promising!

Even a bit late yes we finished .
It was good but I wouldn’t watch it again. The end was disappointing I think.

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The curse of the K-drama endings…