[K-DRAMA] The Strongest Deliveryman - Team Application thread [CLOSED]

Strongest Deliveryman is about a jjajangmyeon (black bean noodle) delivery boy’s rise to success and eventually becomes the CEO of a delivery app company and is described as a relatable story about people born with “dirt spoons” in their mouths, aka underprivileged, everyday folk. The title is a pun on the main character’s name, Choi Kang-soo (choi kang means “strongest”) The drama is looking at a July premiere, taking over KBS2’s Friday and Saturday late evening time slot after “The Best Hit.”
Jang Mi-kwan (the good-looking villain in Strong Woman Do Bong-soon) and Lee Yeol-eum (Village: Secret of Achiara) have been added to cast. The number of episodes is not known.

What is this thread (and what it isn’t)
I think it’s not very nice to air our laundry (even if it’s clean) in front of visitors and viewers on a channel’s page, when we want to apply as moderators or editors or segmenters.
Therefore I suggest that we make a thread for each project.
Then, please, people who have applied to become CM can write their names here, so that people who want to be in the team can either write here and offer themselves, or write a p.m. if they prefer.
_The idea of this post is for people who wish to be moderators. We can write here what we wish to do and when the Channel Manager is chosen by viki, then s/he can see it. Instead of writing on the channel page as they do now, which is a bit chaotic and where posts can be lost in the midst of all other comments.
Of course we should also send a p.m. to her/him when we get to know her/his name, just in case.
There is no guarantee that the people who applied to be channel managers will read this thread - although most check discussions often - and no guarantee that they will automatically accept the people who applied here.
(I don’t think it’s useful for subbers to apply here, but hey, if you want to, no problem)

CMs who have applied

English Team

Other Language Moderators who wish to apply:
(Subber:dannyelita32_368, suganyx)
French:: miral
Portuguese: karenperez together with lyhrocha
(Portuguese subbers: sisah)
German: maycat7
Italian: irmar
Polish: paolostyle
(Swedish subber: theezi)

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Lee Yeol Eum also played King of High School Sass’s main, Seo Jin Gook’s best friend.

Hi I want to apply like Spanish subber, please.

@dannyelita32_368: It’s a bit early for that, because Other Language subbers are chosen by the respective Moderators, not by Channel Managers. But I’m adding your name anyway, so the people who are interested in being Spanish Moderators can see it.

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Hello! I would like to apply to Spanish subber too.

I would be interested in helping! I’m fluent in Swedish and English and at an intermediate level of Korean. :relaxed:

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Thank you irmar for your answer on the channel page. Can I be added please as a "French Moderator who wish to apply ? ^^ Thank you :kissing_heart:

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Hey, I can translate from english into portuguese! :smiley:

Thanks but if I did´nt chosen I want to be Spanish subber. Thanks. Let me know if I can be subber.

My dear, I cannot let you know anything. I just made this thread. Only the Channel Manager, when s/he will be chosen, can choose moderators and, when a Spanish moderator is chosen, the moderator will choose the subbers.

Thanks for anwer me…I would like Spanish subber.

Hi! I would like to help as a spanish subber.:grinning:

The CM has been chosen and from what I see the Spanish moderator too.
You should write to her and ask.

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