K-Drama with a protagonist with a very sweet or shy personality? Opposite protagonists as personalities?

Good morning! Yes I’m always ahah this time I was wondering if …
Do you know k-dramas with a very sweet protagonist or a shy personality? A drama with sweet tones and not tired! I do not dislike the cheabol protagonists or a particular character (which do not fall into boredom or the stereotype), or who may have completely opposite personalities of each other.
I’ve already seen Goong, Boys over Flower, Playful Kiss, Fated to love you, Coffee Prince.

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Introverted boss almost fills that criteria. I enjoyed it
I will add more when I think of them.


Hey you must watch thoses dramas :

  • Prosecutor Princess
  • You are Beautiful
  • Heirs
  • Personal Taste
  • Secret Garden
  • My Love from Star
  • I’m not a robot
  • My girlfriend is a Gumiho
  • Big
  • 49 days
  • Dream high
    And there are many more. If you watched all of thoses drama, Send me a msg, I’ll request you other dramas.

You might try these dramas:
Oh My Ghostess (shy personality)
Flower Boy Next Door (shy personality)
The Vineyard Man (opposite personalities)
Heart to Heart (shy personality)
Age of Youth (shy personality)
Queen In-Hyun’s Man (opposite personalities)


I think Hogu’s Love could fit the bill :wink:

I felt in love with Age of Youth recently, this drama is so sweet :heart_eyes:
I think you could like :
Dating Agency: Cyrano
She was pretty
Another happy ending