K-dramas and Movies that scarred me!

There are so many k-dramas that I really regret watching. They have totally scarred me.

To mention a few,

  1. Love Alarm 2: I had so much headache watching this :3 I am not among those people who are not satisfied with JoJo ending up with you know who but still man. Like all the work from season 1 down the drain.
  2. Penthouse: I still cannot muster courage to start watching season 2. So so so weird. Like I thought world of married would set the highest bar for cringiest and most dramatic one but Penthouse surpassed it long back.
  3. The recent movie “Sweet and Sour”. I have no words. Like how did the actors even agree to this script.

Which dramas are on your list?


Some I tried and couldn’t, some I couldn’t even start and others I watched and might not even regret because they were “good” from the creative point and execution, but gave me goose bumps anyway:

  • I Can Hear Your Voice
  • Tunnel
  • Last
  • Bad Guys
  • I Remember You
  • Heartless City
  • Are You Human Too?
  • Temptation
  • Endless Love
  • Doctor Stranger
  • Wild Romance

It’s not only being scared by the story but what the writer and the production will do to the story.

P.S.: By the way, could you blur spoilers please? Thank you!


Ahhh man, I just finished season 2 yesterday. It took me just 5 days to finish all 21+13 episodes. I enjoyed watching and I’ll season 3 too but it will end in August, so I’ll have to wait for a looooong time.
I didn’t watch world of the married though.

The FL’s character could be the worst character I’ve ever seen.


I don’t remember much about her, just those people around the AI these greedy characters really gave me a scare. The actors might be too good in their specific roles as baddies, I had to drop it, didn’t make it to the end, even after months … Now I just gave up, I guess this one will never be completed by me.
I know there are many lovers of this drama out there, please don’t throw rocks my way, I am sure there are drams I like, and you don’t, so it’s all good.

With the past years I have become such a scaredy-cat, I only watched a trailer, no courage to start it … Even it has so many actors I like …


Not seen any of it.


Totally CANNOT stand Love Alarm 2 and it’s because I was Team Hwang Sun Oh and I agree the work on Season 1 - loved it and waited patiently for Season 2

Nope Nope and NOPE!

Something In the Rain - That is in my “Throw the Laptop” Thread
I want to throw the Laptop over and over and over again

These are not scary like frightened - I will have to think about that one!

Well in Another Oh Hae Young - I was up at 2 am and there is a part at the end that SHOCKED me!
Vincenzo had some nail biting moments
The King: Eternal Monarch had some moments
Guardian the Lonely and Great God my #1 drama had some REAL moments

Not necessarily SCARY just Intense

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Something in the rain was frustrating man in the second half.


I can’t remember the specifics of why I disliked the FL, but in my review I wrote ‘I think it’s lazy writing to make a ‘strong’ female lead by making her abusive and deceitful.’ I’ve started it at least 3 times and have only managed to get to episode 7, I’ve given up trying and accepted that I just don’t like this drama.

I don’t really have any dramas that scarred me and made me stop watching, I love a good thriller, I’m more here for suggestions. :wink:

@lutra if you didn’t like I Remember You (Hello Monster) you probably won’t like Come and Hug Me, & Love Me if You Dare. I personally loved all three of these

Master’s Sun might also belong on your avoid list, not as much go
re as the couple above I mentioned, but it gets intense and jolting with all the ghost stories.

I looked it up ep 15 - 18 mins - that was my point of no return, I was holding on to a tab and held it for months and finally accepted like you, it is just not meant for me.

You are looking for suggestions here? Haha, but well …
And then again.

I liked it, but it scared me, for me a scary thing is not generally something I dislike there are other dramas I watched like Flower of Evil, 14 Days, who are per se not less strong in violence and crime, but somehow it doesn’t scare me that much because in these stories I always felt that the good will prevail. Maybe I can say it like that, with other stories I wasn’t always thinking that …
It is a point of individual scare index, it is about how much do I get to see/hear or how little, what other scenes are there to moderate the fear. I am not positive if I can make myself clear at this point.

Have not tried Come and Hug Me - I think it had no license for my region for the longest time, but is available now, if I don’t mix it up with another.

Love Me if You Dare, is a case of … It overdid it and I am not a fan. That is the short version.

Master’s Sun in all those years I watched it a couple of times. As I said, I am not avoiding from the get go, at least for most stories, except they are really too dark or horror.

From the dramas I mentioned, I finished:

  • I Can Hear Your Voice
  • Tunnel
  • Wild Romance
  • I Remember You

and many more, bot I am honestly favoring the stories more if they are less bloody.


That sweet and sour junk has confirmed to me the Asian writers are losing their mind, and the actors that agree to be in this drama must be very desperate or starving bc if they paid me a million USA $$$ I would tell them shv it!

The Ml guy is a great actor and I don’t know what possessed him. What a fiasco! What a waste of time it was.


Totally in your camp - AGREE AGREE AGREE - And I like both the ML and FL - Good Actors! That was just pure JUNK and people keep fighting with me like “I didn’t get the Deeper Meaning” the meaning was superficial at best.
Fat = Sweet
Handsome = Jerk
There you go! Deep

And I think she kept the baby

Didn’t want to bring up old wounds, but Who Are You School: 2015 SCARRED ME FOR LIFE
and so did Love Me If You Dare but not as much :rage::rage:


The writers need to really stop separating actors just to re-unite them after 1-2 years in the last episode. Sometimes it is bearable but sometimes it just adds to how frustrating the drama is like they did in “Something in the Rain”.

Also, stop unnecessarily killing characters :confused: Sometimes there is no addition to the story still the character is killed. Like why :confused:


Dr. Stranger was the most strange drama for me what about you?

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Have you guys watched this short drama called “A person you may know”? Omg. This was another f*ck all drama man.

Yes - Like in Coffee Prince - OFF for 2 or 3 years and then right back to their relationship??? Ugh
I hate when they do that and Don’t get me started on Something In the Rain!


There are K-dramas that have SCARED me to death to the point that I had to stop watching. Flower of Evil is the prime example.

And then there are K-dramas that have SCARRED my brain by being hurriedly, illogically done, weirdly cast, and brought to a sudden end with no explanation and no tying up of loose ends.

One that I had great hopes for (but was baffled by) was A New Leaf with Kim Myung Min. I saw it on Drama Fever in maybe 2016. The writers got ahead of themselves and tried too hard with a plot that got too complicated, a romance that was unbelievable, and dialog that was, IMHO, way too cheesy. And then BOOP! It was over without any of the issues created in the story line being resolved. That drove me a little crazy.

I thought I was a scaredy cat!! I’m a person who refuses to watch Harry Potter and Prince Caspian because I’m scared stiff.
it took me about a month to muster up the courage to watch Flower of Evil because I LOVED the storyline and summary. I covered my eyes with a pillow when a murder happened or when they showed his dad (his dad, especially his eyes, gives me the CREEPS).
I’m glad I watched it though, such powerful storytelling and acting. Lee Joon Gi’s portrayal as husband, father and tortured human was so ON POINT :exploding_head:

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Yepppp i have watched it

What I was able to sit through had a lot of promise. It was immediately apparent that there were big themes in the show: the resilience of the human spirit in the face of evil, the power of sacrificial love, the idea that God, the Universe, or Fate will not let the truly innocent go unavenged when wrong is done to them. But I could not take the blood and gore, even when I reminded myself over and over that it was all fake.

I know what you mean about Harry Potter. My absolute favorite HP movie is HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the most beautifully done of all of them. But the scene where Harry, Ron, and Hermione have an encounter with Dementors on the train to school . . . “I thought I would never be cheerful again.” I could feel my body temperature drop!

C. S. Lewis is my absolute favorite author of all time, and I think the studio that made Prince Caspian tried too hard. One or two scenes were really amazing, but compared to the actual book . . . yuck.


@vivi_1485 @misswillowinlove
I love the Harry Potter Series! Loved the books!

Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is one of my favorite books from when I was a kid. Who would not want to walk through a magical wardrobe!