K-Dramas which you hope to be subbed?

In this post, you can suggest k-dramas which is not yet subbed/available on Viki yet. And then people who are interested in managing those channels and voice out too. :smiley: Enjoy!

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gentleman diningty

She Is Wow…I think :smiley:

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I can’t watch a gentleman’s diginity why???help me

“Gentleman’s Dignity” and possibly “You Are So Pretty,” which was on Viki but isn’t anymore. I would also like to see Operation Proposal, but we can watch that elsewhere.

I heard from one of my friend in Korea that Aurora Princess is a really good drama but its not on Viki yet. I hope it gets uploaded I want to watch it so badly but I can’t find it anywhere

well, these 2 are not korean drama but Taiwanese dramas but after a few episodes there’s no more translation and those are old dramas, these 2 are “Smiling pasta” and “Bullfighting”

After School Bokbulbok or After School Luck or Not (:
It’s from TVN’s project “Oh! Boy”… I’ve been looking for it but I can’t find any subs, english or spanish… If you can make it real I’ll be very thankful :smiley:

tvN’s Cyrano Dating Agency :slight_smile:

Heartless city/Cruel city

This drama is a gem ! Good story, good actors.
Jung Kyung Ho is the lead character and he is soooo charismatic ! :wink:


I would love to see “Your Woman” here

I would LOVE it if they subbed and posted the Playful Kiss Special! I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to know how the young marriage is going and if she got into nursing school or not.

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definitely “Heartless city/Cruel city” that is a really good drama

last friends

After School Bokbulbok! I watched the first and only subbed episode on YT and it’s so funny!

49 Days please? :smiley:

Same here I had to watch it in other website, I tried to help to translate but I never got an answer, I really like that drama.

They actually did…

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Because you don’t live in the states and you are not a QC.

49 days is the Best drama everrrr!!! I hope viki gets it licensed!:frowning: