K dramas with 50-100+ episodes?

Can someone recommend a few?

30 - Heared it Through the Grapevine
44 - Glorious Day

Smile, You
Bluebird’s House
What Happens to My Family?
Wonderful Days
Modern Farmer
My Daughter Seo Young
My Love Madame Butterfly
Live in Style
Queen of Reversals
My Love by My Side
New Tales of Gisaeng
Life is Beautiful 2010 SBS

My Daughter Flower
You Don’t Know Women
Bride of The Sun

I don’t know what you like or prefer so just a small list for now till 2010.


Thank you I’ve seen quite a few of the long dramas my favorite being Pure 19 (:

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Oh, if you liked Pure 19 and didn’t watch Golden Bride 64 eps till now it might be something for you.
I would recommend Cloud Stairs to you but it’s only a 16 ep drama.
Creating Destiny has only 31 parts.
Kimcheed Radish Cubes has 44.


They all sound great ^^ thank you. I’ve seen Kimcheed Radish Cubes it was amazing (:.

I really liked Empress Ki. It has 50 episodes. :slight_smile:

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Maybe one of those:
High Kick Through The Roof (126 eps) : https://www.viki.com/tv/29497c-high-kick-through-the-roof?q=Hig
Smile Donghae (159 eps): https://www.viki.com/tv/24114c-smile-donghae?q=Smi

I enjoyed watching both, Viki also has High Kick 3 I saw but I didn’t se that one yet, heard it’s good too.

would highly recommend what happens to my family? english subtitles on kbs world’s youtube, too. starts out a bit slow, but the wait is surely worth it.
also, there’s you’re the best, lee soon shin, but i wasn’t able to finish it.

Modern Farmer had 16 episodes, I know I am a Lee Hong Ki stalker I mean fan

I like to recommend, Dear My sister 120 episodes, My Love Eun Hui, Unstoppable marriage, Kimchi Radish Cubes, Wonderful LIfe, Life is Beautiful be ready to cry buckets, but each episode is worth it. Family Honor

I recommend Glamorous Temptation. It is 50 episode now airing Monday and Tuesdays. Great cast and great story line. :grinning:

Thank you all for your suggestions. I really hope viki can get A Daughter Just Like You it’s almost done airing wth 120+ episodes.

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Rosy lovers