[K-MOVIE] Anime & Animation Anyone? Ghost Messenger 고스트 메신저

Check out the subtitled trailer.

Recruiting language moderators for more world languages. Please check the channel’s cover wall ( for more info. Hopefully, the groundswell will signal to Rakuten Viki our love for entertainment includes anime+animation too. :slight_smile:

[Closed] Any animes that started to be translated to Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian and then left unfinshed?

I’m bumping the post and good luck!!


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Hmm… must be some kind of Viki bug. You were added and I do see your ava under the team->segmenter tab. See screencap below:

What’s weird too is when I go to the link you’ve attached, I don’t see the ava icons (I use Chrome). It’s a blank page like so:

@anon20195650 Help! :dizzy_face:


@jadecloud88 @irmar the segmenters (and subtitlers) listed under the Subtitling Team only show those who have created a minimum of 1 segment (or subtitle). As Irmar hasn’t segmented for Ghost Messenger yet, her name will not appear as a segmenter there. It will appear as soon as you make segments :slight_smile:

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Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! :bulb:


Enlightening! Thank you! @anon20195650 :grinning:


Korean anime… That’s certainly interesting. Once upon a time there were lots of anime on Viki, but they were phased out in favour of live-action dramas. Would something like this even be made available here ?