K-movie ‘Parasite’ Makes History at the Oscars!

WOW! Congrats to cast and crew of ‘Parasite’! :heart_eyes::wine_glass::beers:

South Korean thriller ‘Parasite’ wins four Academy Awards and is the first foreign-language film to claim Best Picture

Parasite | Trailer

Parasite | The Best Picture Winner’s Opening 10 Minutes

(But it’s not available on Viki.com. Please bring this K-movie to VIKI!)


The movie is great and so full of twists and easter eggs to what is going to happen and deeper / double meanings. They looked so happy and touched on stage :smile:

Edit: Parasite has become the most watched Asian movie in the Netherlands. I still see the poster for the movie in cinema’s.


Now I’m like shall I go watch it if it’s still in the cinema? It’s not the genre I like but now I’m curious.

I’m so happy Parasite won… you could see the excitement of Bong Joon Ho when he won. Priceless!


Only if you want to :wink:

Ik weet niet of ik de film in een bepaalde genre zou plaatsen - ik kon erom lachen, mijn hoofd schudden tijdens bepaalde scenes en mijn adem inhouden toen ik doorhad waar de film naartoe ging. Er zijn wel een aantal gewelddadige scenes in de film :sweat_smile:.

Another one reason to buy the blue-ray! I wanted to watch this drama, but because of some exams and what not i couldnt make it. :slight_smile:

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Ik hou helemaal niet van thrillers or horror maar bij de Blair Witch heb ik echt dubbel gelegen van het lachen destijds omdat het allemaal zo nep was. Maar iets met veel moorden enzo vind ik ook niks.

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Dan valt deze veel hier niet onder. Thema van fraude en arm vs. rijk staat echt centraal in deze film. Ik denk dat je zeker geen probleem zal hebben met eerste helft van de film. Over tweede helft kan ik niet zeggen zonder het te spoilen :slight_smile:

where i8s it, in the movies or online ??

Well - Good news is you can rent it for $3.99 US and even purchase the movie!! And it’s available on torrent sites (which may be illegal). I haven’t checked for it on pirate sites but I wouldn’t be surprised that they have illegally downloaded and are streaming it there.
I saw it legally last November – not my genre – but I am happy that it has won awards in France, England and the USA. It was available for free on Hawaiian Airlines flight I took on 2/2 as well,

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@frustratedwriter I purchased the Parasite movie download in the Apple ITunes Store (USA) in mid-January after seeing it at the theater, I’m sure it’s still available there. I think you can rent it as well (to stream), but I would definitely recommend splurging on purchasing this film! Brilliant beyond words.

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@frustratedwriter (and anyone who is interested to find out more)
Check out this Universal Pictures Home Entertainment site:

The trailer on the UPHE site:

Btw, I am not promoting any marketer/production house. Just the movie and so happy that a K-movie won this accolade! IMHO, more *movies should be recognized for their amazing productions and portrayals, let alone the messages they convey via motion pictures.
(*Of course, not just for K-movies, but C’s, T’s, J’s, and so on.)

Ehm… Maybe it’s not “legally” available. But it’s been available on all the torrent sites for download in excellent quality, and of course on the streaming sites we all know.

It’s available on Amazon Prime Video (streaming) for rental or purchase.

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amazon prime, and renting it isnt too bad either.

Haha :joy: Good initiative!

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SRC: Screenshot from Viki.com

Haha, that was quick, Viki :slight_smile: :+1:
I’m sure many have not watched this movie, and many would love a rewatch. Please try to bring it to Viki. Thank you. :love_you_gesture:

‘Parasite’ overcomes ‘one-inch subtitle barrier’

“Once you overcome the one-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.” (“Parasite’s” South Korean director, Bong Joon-ho)

Excerpt: “Parasite” crashed through the barrier and made history as the first foreign-language film to win the coveted top best picture Oscar in the event’s 92-year history. :clap::clap::clap:

Incidentally, isn’t this the very mission of Viki (besides making profits and making waves in the tech/ent sector)? That the global volunteer community is here for? Breaking language barriers, that is. The vital reason why it should be available on Viki.com.
Please try.:wave:


One of my fave Korean food bloggers and her latest recipe. :slight_smile:

This instant noodle dish, jjapaguri (or ram-don), from the movie Parasite is getting highly popular all over the world. It’s easy to make at home and quite delicious! - Korean Bapsang

Jjapaguri with Steak from Movie Parasite

CR: Korean Bapsang

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If anyone wishes to know how the movie came to be, I wholeheartedly recommend this awesome discussion with the famous director himself:


Parasite director Bong Joon-ho: ‘Korea seems glamorous, but the young are in despair’

Malaysian movie fans hooked on ‘Parasite’

‘Parasite’ shines light on South Korean basement dwellers

South Koreans explode with joy over ‘Parasite’ Oscar wins

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Whether it’s due to the movie, or just a coincidence, it’s a piece of good news. :+1:

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