K-Pop... Any Else a Fan of Jay Park?

OMG Jay Park… Love All Of His Song… Some Of The Ones I Know… Like 1) Know Your Name 2) Welcome 3)Star 4) Go 5) Up & Down 5) Got Your Back… Any More??? Someone?? I Want to Listen to More Of His Songs

Have you already heard his new single Metronome?
It’s really good.

I am a jwalkerz. I like “Tonight” too, it’s a lively song and it matches his voice IMO. Did you get his mixtape? It was for free for all 19+ fans.

im a fan Jay Park I love his music :smile:

Listen to his new song Sex Trip

OK, time to revive this thread! He has put out so much new music since the last post here. It is some grown music! I will say Everything You Wanted is such a good album! OK, I knew who Jay was when I got into the music a few years ago but I really started paying attention recently.

I think he released Worldwide, Scene Stealers, and Everything You Wanted since the last post. He toured with AOMG in 2016, too.

What is so great about Jay is his versatility as an artist. I think he continues to evolve and grow and that is what good artists or entertainers do. Also, from what I have seen he really knows how to hustle and puts on a great show! I have alot of respect for his hustle especially with him starting his own label. There was no way that was easy! What do you think about the new stuff? Anyone seen him perform live?