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Hiii everyone :hearts: I’m a blink and an army and,you know,I really love them! :heart_eyes: I started this discussion for a reason: I want to ask you all what are your favourite k-pop groups. I would like to hear some new songs from new groups,but there are so many korean singers that I don’t know what to do :joy: I’ve heard,for example,some songs of Girls’ Generation (like “The boys”,“Oh!GG” and “Genie”),Chungha(like “Snapping” and “Gotta go”),Ailee and some others, but I would really appreciate if you gave me some advices,telling me which songs I should listen to in your opinion. :star_struck:
Thank you for reading it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
P.S.: If you know some Japanese,Taiwanese or Chinese songs,you can tell me their titles! I’m open to any kind of advice :wink:




I’ll post you some songs of Japanese/Korean & Chinese singers/bands. Some of them do have different music styles, depending on the albums/years so it’s worth to check which style one likes most (e.g. some have very calm songs but also rock-pop songs).


desparis ray, gazette, xD

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Thank youuu dear, I’ll listen to all the songs you have adviced to me :wink::cupid:

Thankss :heart::heart:

Oh dear, this is one topic that I can talk and talk about! In my case, I am part of only one Kpop fandom, the Melodies from BtoB. That doesn’t mean that I don’t listen to other Kpop songs or that I don’t think the other groups aren’t as talented. There are many talented stars out there. BtoB just has a vibe and their songs that really appeal to me :slight_smile: Mmm, I don’t know what your preferred style of music is (rock, ballad, acoustic, etc.), but I’ll suggest some BtoB songs if you haven’t heard them already.

This is one of their most famous songs:

Here’s another one: “Insane”

They also uploaded an acoustic version, this is a vid of them performing live:

This one is called “Way Back Home”

This is one “It’s Okay”

Here is BtoB-Blue, a subgroup with only the vocal line:

One more :sweat_smile: “Irresistable Lips”:

And there are so many more songs that I love and listen to over and over again. Many of them don’t have MVs, so I won’t list them since that will take forever. When I’m going through good times, bad times, and when nothing is really happening, their music makes me smile and gives me strength. I recently went through a surgery, and listening to their music encouraged me and helped me through. Each member has released solo songs and MVs:
Hyunsik sings “Swimming”
Minhyuk sings/raps “Ya” and “Tonight (with Melody)”
Eunkwang sings “Back Then”
Ilhoon sings/raps “Always”
Changsub sings “At the End” and “Gone”
Sungjae sings so many songs I can’t choose the most popular
Peniel sings/raps “Valentine”

I like to listen to various OST so there are some Kpop songs there too. Oh, and I can’t forget Jooyoung! I don’t listen to all of his songs, but I like the R&B style he has
This song “I’ll do it Every Day” is in the Kdrama Wok of Love

Here’s a song that Jung Ilhoon from Btob wrote and then produced for Pentagon:

Here is a girl-group. I usually don’t listen to girl-groups, I tend not to like the concepts, but I like Mamamoo as a group, even if I don’t listen to most of their songs.
“Starry Night”

As for Cpop, I don’t really listen to that, I tend to listen to traditional Chinese music, Chinese songs from the 80s and 90s, and OST as well. I really really like Jeff Chang’s music–he’s a Taiwanese singer. He’s from the older generation, but I like the vibe from his songs.
Here’s one of my favorites:

I don’t listen to Japanese songs or Jpop, so I can’t give any suggestions there.


Thank youu dear :heart_eyes: I love the way you talk about this topic, I can feel how much all these song,in one way or another,have helped you a lot :hearts: I think that any kind of music has the power to make you feel better or make you cry if you need it :cupid: I’ll listen to all the songs you’ve adviced to me but I can already say that I’m in love with “Insane” OMG :star_struck::joy:


I’m listening the songs you’ve said to me and I knew some of them! For example I love “irresistible lips” and I remember listening to it even before than blackpink and bts :heart::heart:I would like to let people know new songs through this discussion so if everyone who i reading this wants to write some different titles, do it! Even I, if I remember them, I’ll be happy to give you some advices :cupid:


They don’t do pop but I listen to some nice korean artists like June, Gaho, I’ll, Kevin Oh, their music is great :slight_smile:


Thank youuu :heart:I listened to the song of Gaho and I know him since his song “not over” (the ost of “the last empress”) :heart_eyes:I’ll listen to all the song you’ve said to me :wink:


I can also recommend those:


Thank youu dear :cupid: :cupid:

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Here there are other song I know :hearts:
Two korean songs of Song Ji-Eun :cupid::

These two songs are from the ost of a Taiwanese drama that I REALLY love, “Behind your smile”:heart_eyes:

And finally this come from “Passengers”.

omg you know Gaho :pleading_face: I love all his OSTs uwu hope you’ll like my recommendations :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yesss :heart_eyes::heart::heart:

Okay,with these two songs I can feel the girl power vibe :heart_eyes: :facepunch:t2: :rose:And they’re both sooo beautiful in my opinion :cupid:

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Cool, thanks for sharing, finally some pop songs with a faster rhythm :smiley:

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Yeah,right? It’s difficut to remain still listening these two songs :sweat_smile: :hearts:

I’m completely IN LOVE with this song :heart_eyes::fire::heart:

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